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New Directions

Dear friends and readers:

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted.  This is not due to neglect but, rather, because I have been re-directing my attention to other avenues of thought and creativity.

Most of you are aware that I have incorporated, over time, the philosophy of the Tao into my astrological writings and readings.

After much contemplation and a feeling of being torn between two places of thought and interest, though both dovetail seamlessly into my consultations, I find that I have needed to devote a greater amount of my time right now to developing another of my websites, which is dedicated solely and entirely to my writings and classes about the ancient Tao.

I have, indeed, been developing that website and initiating my classes devoted solely to that pursuit.  Such contemplations and writings have been stimulated by my renewed commitment to teaching and interpreting the ancient (versus traditional or conventional) Tao.  It has been a long time in coming as I have been engaged in the philosophy and practice of the Tao for many years.  Reflections upon it never cease to delight me, as well as encourage new ways of thinking and being in the world.

I will continue to write here of astrological interests and find that my need to write of the ancient Tao does, indeed, completely resonate with our most recent collective experience of Venus crossing the Sun – a once in a 105 (or so) year occurrence.

We should, indeed, all sit up and take notice, as many of our own progeny will never experience it and all of us who witnessed it are fortunate to have done so.  My own mother never did during her lifetime. In that light, I have initiated my separate website on the ancient Tao, which, I hope, may begin to elucidate and transmit the feminine Tao, so long lost amidst, betwixt and between our patriarchally- and hierarchically-oriented culture.

Venus crossing the Sun means that the Divine Feminine, if allowed to do so in this place and time, can lead us into new paradigms of equality with one another.  Such equality means we must divest ourselves of old paradigms of male/female relationships and to forge new ways of being with each other.  The death of the old social/cultural paradigms of boy/girl dating/relating are over.  Here, we have the opportunity to start to meet each other as adult men and women within a more holistic understanding of the world and our place within it.  That will take listening to our guts (solar plexus) and acting with guts.  Risk-taking is the order of the day and, after many years of contemplation, I realized my own need to do so.   Such are the writings of my new website, which will, ultimately, inform and direct my writings here. They always have.  It is just that, at this juncture in our (and my own) history, I choose to address such issues more directly than I feel I have been able with the focus here of astrology as its main concern.

I will indeed, write of that rare occurrence of Venus and her crossing of our Sun shortly.  But, for now, I do invite you to visit my new website: to find out more about what I am doing these days, as well as to read of new days ahead for all of us.

Thank you all for your continued support and reading of this site.  I have not forgotten all of you.  I have, in fact, been forging a new way for myself and all of us to think about ourselves in a larger context and, whether here or there, I will address those issues.

in light,



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Climate Change: The Heart of the Matter

Our news and radio waves have featured multitudes of arguments over whether global warming/cooling is caused by human activities or by natural events in our solar system.  As per usual, the juveniles amongst us, most of whom control media, have set up this consideration in the all too familiar structural framework of whose team wins.  We all know it, were trained within it as high schoolers at football games, and with which we continue to function as children in adult bodies:  who is the winning team?  Reds versus blues, science versus religion, girls versus boys, etc., etc., blah blah boring.

We should all be aware and savvy enough by now to know that there are many who exploit panic for profit.  That is a given.  Yes, some have, indeed, selfishly positioned themselves to profit from carbon emissions reductions and the like.  Anybody who has done their own research by now knows that Al Gore, Mr. Non-Integrity, positioned himself on the board of the carbon emissions trading commission to line his pockets with the gold of hysteria even before he went out on stage to present his global warming message.

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The Naked Truth

This is the truth for which no one need pay an astrologer.  It is what anyone in full possession of their own common sense has had the ability to discern for a very long time.  The suicidal/homocidal sociopaths calling the shots are winding up for the final pitch of the human season.

And, the closer they and we push ourselves to the brink of extinction, the louder and more obvious they will become.

THIS is the reason we should be marching in the streets, because if this occurs, our american collective childish boo hooing  over our wall street losses boo boos won’t matter one hoot.  Those little pieces of paper they’ve all been whining about will just become  part of the large pile of ashes left behind in the nuclear winter of our discontents.

In fact, it has been my opinion from the beginning that the attention heaped on the OWS movement has been a huge main stream media distraction from the agenda of much more lethal purpose.

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A Quiet New Year

While most of America stuffs itself with its over abundance of wants, things, desires and self-importance, makes all kinds of noises about its alleged level of intelligence, comments on political races made up of people who should actually be laughed off the stage if we had any sense, and sits, mesmerize, by all the news of international, political and football battles and such, I happened upon this video.

It captures the true predicament we have made for ourselves and the “collateral damage” of our participation in all of it with our own people and within our own selves, right here at home.  Time to explore the borders of our own internal landscapes at a more adult level.  As within, so without.

In light on the journey.

Click below for the video.

A Voice in the Desert

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Ophiuchus and the Galactic Center

Ophiuchus and the Ecliptic

Ah.  A new “shock” has been delivered to our mental instabilities of late with the “new discovery” of the constellation, Ophiuchus, scattering the commoners in all directions searching for a guru who can tell them what this should mean to them.  Much OMG’ing amongst the Twitting crowd proceeds.  Much neurotic hand-wringing and subsequent hand-holding will now ensue at this incredibly devastating piece of information.  Astrologers who excel at the economic and political game of marketing all jump on the bandwagon to comment on the comments launched by the commentators  in the infotainment centers known as “the news,” to increase their clientele and their bank accounts because  someone in a chicken little costume has gone screaming around the village.

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October 2010 New Moon in Libra

What do we mean when we speak of love and justice?

The conjunction of the moon and sun in Libra on October 7, gives us the opportunity to ponder our definitions of relationship and our own, subjective needs and desires and how we engage  with others.

In order to understand the sign of Libra, we must first examine his ruling planet, Venus and how she transmits her energies through this Fall sign of the zodiac.  Venus also rules Taurus, and in this home Venus represents the sexuality and sensuality of the maiden.  It is no accident that, during her time in Taurus, we celebrate the earthy rites of Beltane.  Hers is the new and vital exploration of fecundity and fertility found in the sign of the Bull.  The exploration of beauty, passion and pleasure of coupling and play at the physical level are hers to enjoy.  Through these activities, she develops her physical senses and grounds them into her being.  Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are taken in in order to draw a boundary around the material being, to find and define its potentials and limitations.  This Venusian early adult, like all late adolescents, can become involved in the expressions of the inferior ego self and fall into the all-too-familiar patterns of jealousy, manipulation and obsession with control over the other.  This is a non-gendered potential that comes with the Taurean terrain of the relationship to possessions, which range from the material (as is traditionally understood) to the psychic/emotional ties that bind the self to other.  To be fully with something or someone is entirely different than “owning” it, and discernment of these two states is the challenge of the young Venus.

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