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The Ophiuchus Syndrome

Since my last entry on the cosmology of Ophiuchus, I have found myself snowed in in my little domain in the desert (always yield to the serendipity of Mother Nature).  This event has provided me with some open space to peruse the different narratives being generated by our little astrological/astronomical “crisis,” I call The Ophiuchus Syndrome.

In so doing, it seems a coherence of the different levels of human awareness are emerging out of the cybersphere of monologues, which I hope will lead to a greater understanding of how our collective unconscious moves around and works with issues presented in the material world.

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Ophiuchus and the Galactic Center

Ophiuchus and the Ecliptic

Ah.  A new “shock” has been delivered to our mental instabilities of late with the “new discovery” of the constellation, Ophiuchus, scattering the commoners in all directions searching for a guru who can tell them what this should mean to them.  Much OMG’ing amongst the Twitting crowd proceeds.  Much neurotic hand-wringing and subsequent hand-holding will now ensue at this incredibly devastating piece of information.  Astrologers who excel at the economic and political game of marketing all jump on the bandwagon to comment on the comments launched by the commentators  in the infotainment centers known as “the news,” to increase their clientele and their bank accounts because  someone in a chicken little costume has gone screaming around the village.

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