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The Astrological Forecast for 11/11/11 at 11

This is the celestial outlook for that master number on that master day at the master hour we have all been promised.  Many are anticipating this moment’s arrival with much excitement and many celebrations of the meditative kind are planned throughout the world.  This is the moment many in the new age/ascensionist movement have been waiting for, couching it in terms of our mass spiritual lift-off from our mundane, terrestrial bonds.

The celestial arrangement overhead on that day does, indeed, contain a lovely, harmonious Grand Trine between Pluto, Jupiter and Mars.  They are all, however, firmly rooted in the Earth signs:  Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, respectively.  This particular Grand Trine is actually what is known as a kite, and the anchoring thread and intended bulls eye is Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius/Pisces.  At the time, the Sun and Moon will be just past their full opposition, with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus.  Earth, water and the overall motion of descent are the actual overall themes in this particular transit.

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Ophiuchus and the Galactic Center

Ophiuchus and the Ecliptic

Ah.  A new “shock” has been delivered to our mental instabilities of late with the “new discovery” of the constellation, Ophiuchus, scattering the commoners in all directions searching for a guru who can tell them what this should mean to them.  Much OMG’ing amongst the Twitting crowd proceeds.  Much neurotic hand-wringing and subsequent hand-holding will now ensue at this incredibly devastating piece of information.  Astrologers who excel at the economic and political game of marketing all jump on the bandwagon to comment on the comments launched by the commentators  in the infotainment centers known as “the news,” to increase their clientele and their bank accounts because  someone in a chicken little costume has gone screaming around the village.

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