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I stumbled across this post today and feel it is very valuable in connecting the body/mind/spirit with celestial activity.  In addition, just after our recent CME flares, I had been experiencing a number of the exact symptoms described in the article.  They were, in fact, making me feel extremely ill.  It was quite relieving and helpful to read this author’s article and to be able to view those symptoms in a much broader perspective – and certainly a more positive one than they had been making me feel.

And, yes, still working on the next installment of Venus Crossing the Sun.



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The Burning Moon

Here where I live, we haven’t had to wait for the lunar eclipse for daily views of a blood red moon.  The burning of the Wallow Fire in Arizona has covered our landscape, two hundred miles away, with a haze that floats like the breath of ghosts around the low trees and shrubs of the high desert of the Southwest.  It blots out even the slightest hint of an outline of the sacred mountains here and the land is transformed into a mist that I imagine enshrouds the passage across the river Styx.  Both sun and moon glow with fire at sunset and moonrise.  The two have become one.

Our world is burning, shrinking, puckering with drought and flowing with lava.  So too, are the artifices of a global cultural orientation that has outlived its purpose.  This full moon (10:03am EST, July 14) and total lunar eclipse (visible in the eastern hemisphere) finds the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.  As we all know, America’s chart is all about Pluto in the 2nd house – the house of money and physical possessions.  The crumbling of the structures of divisions and control (accelerating now through the adolescent use of force to get one’s way) will continue with quickening speed.  The smouldering denoument of this course is unavoidable, as the products of such mindless activities now infuse our food (gmo’s), air (fukushima fallout and CO2 pollution) and water (pharmaceuticals now flowing through our tap water).  The contamination is now thorough and uncontainable, just like those nuclear fuel rods.

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Seeing with the Third Eye

The Celestial Third Eye

Tonight is the New Moon in Capricorn with a partial solar eclipse.  This is a magnitude of energy that is quite remarkable.  Though in North America, we will not be able to view it, we will very much feel its influence, as we have during its approach throughout the month of December.

In traditional astrology, a solar eclipse was viewed with dread – accompanied as it is with a strange, almost twilight effect during broad daylight.  It foretold of bad omens and monumental change.  That is, in fact, one interpretation of such an event and, indeed, such changes have occurred throughout history during the aftermath of an eclipse.

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