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Cleaning Up After The Storms

The meeting places of nature and humanity

It appears the metaphor I used for the celestial events I wrote of in my last post was far more prescient than I knew at the time.  This has nothing to do with personal possession of unique gifts of prophecy, but, speaks, rather, to the universal power of observation and rational intuition we all have, however deeply buried and obscured those abilities may have become.  The trick is in apprehending the more metaphysical, foundational framework upon which the mundane details will, in due course, play themselves out.   Those foundational elements are there for everyone to see – comprehending their import, however, is the provence of those who refuse the distractions of vanity, greed and forced conformity that are now being heaped upon the plates of americans at an ever-quickening speed.  Yes, western culture has concocted an alluring buffet of sweets full of dreams laced with large doses of modified corn syrup, which only serve to distract the consumer’s attention from that which lies, and always has lain, within.  What lies within is the eternal, which no religious structure, no government entity, nor any dysfunctional parent can touch with a profane and unclean heart.  It is the naked, vulnerable part of us that always comes clean in the rain.

Cultural constructs have always come and gone;  the rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of our planet and her greater mother, the Cosmos, however, abide.  We have a choice as to which resonances and harmonics we attune ourselves:  will it be the hammered crosses placed upon institutions which are so easily knocked down by high winds, or the enduring meaning and spirituality found in feeling the eternal rise and fall of our bodies in response to air, breath and pleasure, season after season, lifetime after lifetime?

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