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Surfing the Trine: September 10-16, 2011

The Pluto/Jupiter/Mercury grand trine in the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, respectively) that came into its full strength (using 8 degree orbs) on September 10 and exerts its strongest influence through the 16th of this month is an excellent time to make use of the harmonious energetics of the two spiritual/soul-level planets (the outer planets, here Pluto and Jupiter, which form the major themes of an individual chart) as they channel down into the personal and mundane, here escorted onto terra firma by the zippy activities of Mercury in the areas of communication, commerce and all that moves in and around our lives. With Mercury, these movements occur at both the physical and psychic levels and, with Jupiter and Pluto involved, one should be looking for shifts in our larger spiritual interpretations of life.

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The Burning Moon

Here where I live, we haven’t had to wait for the lunar eclipse for daily views of a blood red moon.  The burning of the Wallow Fire in Arizona has covered our landscape, two hundred miles away, with a haze that floats like the breath of ghosts around the low trees and shrubs of the high desert of the Southwest.  It blots out even the slightest hint of an outline of the sacred mountains here and the land is transformed into a mist that I imagine enshrouds the passage across the river Styx.  Both sun and moon glow with fire at sunset and moonrise.  The two have become one.

Our world is burning, shrinking, puckering with drought and flowing with lava.  So too, are the artifices of a global cultural orientation that has outlived its purpose.  This full moon (10:03am EST, July 14) and total lunar eclipse (visible in the eastern hemisphere) finds the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.  As we all know, America’s chart is all about Pluto in the 2nd house – the house of money and physical possessions.  The crumbling of the structures of divisions and control (accelerating now through the adolescent use of force to get one’s way) will continue with quickening speed.  The smouldering denoument of this course is unavoidable, as the products of such mindless activities now infuse our food (gmo’s), air (fukushima fallout and CO2 pollution) and water (pharmaceuticals now flowing through our tap water).  The contamination is now thorough and uncontainable, just like those nuclear fuel rods.

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Understanding the Cardinal Cross of 2010

Metal cross on earth

In order to understand the full dynamics of the Cardinal Cross to which astrologer’s are referring during this time, it is important first to understand the more esoteric and spiritual meanings of a cross.  Though it currently is imbued with a very limited, patriarchal tint, it has appeared in the symbology of countless cultures from pre-history to the present.

From egypt, east india, babylonia and europe, to mayan, aztec and other western indian civilizations, it has played a central role in conveying the meaning of life to millions of people, both commoner and royal alike, over millenia.  It’s earliest rendition arose during the neolithic era and appeared as a a cross with arms of equal length inside of a circle.  It is called The Sun Cross. It means “the center of life” and embraces all people as equals within it’s circle and upon the branches of it’s perpendicular lines.  Indigenous peoples still utilize this symbol in its primordial form and honor its timeless and universal message.

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Dancing with Dissonance: Cosmic Transitions

Approaching this entry has been very similar to trying to approach the changes that are descending upon humanity on a global scale.  In the midst of devastating floods, mudslides and choking wildfires wrought by nature, as well as the continuing catastrophe of the deliberate impoverishment of billions of people through the financial, military and governmental structures fashioned from the sociopathic minds of the few who dub themselves “the elite,” it is, indeed, a challenge to maintain an internal sense of equipoise.  It is, indeed, difficult to construct a rational narrative out of the dissonance and chaos that imbues our micro- and macrocosmic lives.  Our mind-boggling, complicated state of affairs can lead to confusion, hopelessness, helplessness and paralysis.  The rapid unfolding of events since the tight Saturn/Pluto/Uranus-Jupiter t-square of July 26th is a true testament to the on-going dialogue of change our heavenly bodies are undertaking at their  dinner party above us. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Love Parade: Pluto Arrives in the New Age Movement

The function of Pluto in any chart is to reveal the dark, unspoken elements that need to be brought to light in any person, situation or culture in order for growth and transformation to occur.  Pluto is the destroyer of all that does not fit an evolutionary plan.  It is also the generator of the new, having first cleared away the detritus of the old. With Pluto in Capricorn until 2023, a long period of destruction of form (Capricorn is an earth sign and is the builder of structures, both physical and institutional), begun in November 2008 when it entered this sign, is taking place.  Pluto is set to take down all that is no longer useful to these physical forms.  The process here will be slow (versus its’ placement in a fire sign, where Pluto’s action would be a trip through a high temperature furnace).  Think earthquakes and mudslides, think the bricks and mortar literally falling from the facades of buildings, think the inability of our soils to grow our food because of years of abuse and poisoning by corporate crop production (Monsanto and genetically modified seeds programmed to self-destruct). Read the rest of this entry »

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