cosmic meridians

I am an integrative metaphysical consultant and counseling astrologer. While the  study of physics involves itself  in quantifying the concrete, physical world, the study of meta-physics involves itself with the qualitative meaning of that world and in viewing it from an holistic and broad perspective.  My consultations involve the integration and sacred marriage of  those two planes of human existence.  They are designed to address  not only the individual houses within which we live  and the chronological events of their development, but also the broader landscape within which those individual dwellings reside and the intangible, though very real, nuances and sensibilities of life unfolding within and around them.

There are many different avenues available to enter into conversation of these esoteric and material realms, and I use a broad range of techniques to access and integrate them with clients.  We start with the structure of astrology and the natal chart and incorporate other modalities as needed to illuminate the client’s personal astrological/soul mandala.

My ground base for any consultation is firmly rooted within the philosophy of the ancient Tao and modern Jungian archetypes.  Both are rich in meaning, yet profoundly clear and simple.  Within this framework, many of the mundane and artificial complexities we create in our daily lives can be honed down to their bare essentials and understood from an adult, wise and balanced perspective.  My purpose is to reveal and expose these metaphysical/physical essentials as quickly and as simply as possible and to give the client useful information in order that he, she or they can exercise aware and discerning choice within their own personal environments.

The only pre-requisite for this kind of reading is a willingness to engage in creative conversation between client and consultant and a curiosity to explore unknown territory within and without, above and below.

My work is very focused, clear, intensive, dynamic and fun.  Such readings are designed to bestow not only broad insight into the larger purpose of the client but also an abundant bag of practical tools which the client can apply to the myriad of situations s/he may encounter on the path to self-fulfillment.

My consultations are not for everybody, particularly those still stuck in the questions of our socially-constricted, fragmented and less mature concerns, such as: “when am I going to meet my new girlfriend?” or, “when do you predict my stock portfolio is going to fall?” or, “am I going to get that new job?”  There are multitudes of astrologers willing to provide such mundane, predictive and useless readings and it is best that clients with such questions seek the advice and company of such practitioners.  The more adult versions of those questions, the ones with which I work are: “what kind of intimate partner would be most beneficial for  my spiritual/emotional growth?” or, “how can I manifest prosperity in my life?” or, “what kind of work will be most fulfilling for me in this lifetime?”  These are some of the essential, core questions with which my consultations concern themselves.

My orientation to this work is about grasping the bigger picture and acting effectively within a larger framework of understanding our larger cosmic/social structures, which are transmitted through personal relationship.  My clientele is largely made up of cultural, “think outside of the box”  creatives: artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, political activists, socially aware entrepreneurs, other meta-physicists, bodyworkers and those actively seeking to conceptualize and respond to humanity’s  needs.  Such people come from all walks of life and all social/financial classes.  It is not the class/social position of any person that matters, it is the desire to step into expanded states of awareness that does.

I also conduct consultations for transits, progressions and returns, both on the individual level and as part of composite and synastry charts.  The latter are those that concern the dynamics between people, whether family of origin, intimate relationships or business partnerships.


I also work with serious students of astrology and metaphysics and specialize in the integration of the psychological, spiritual and material gestalt contained within every person.  I have taught extensively about the ethical and professional foundations necessary for the practice of the consultive/counseling relationship based on integrity, meeting the client where they are and service to the other.  I provide supervision of students’ own psychological, spiritual and celestial dynamics, their unconscious influence in both the student’s personal life and their professional practice and their evolved conscious use for the growth and well-being of themselves and their clients.


Sessions are sliding scale from $80 to $150 for the first session, which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions and consultations may be of varying durations and payment is determined by an $100 per hour rate.

Given our current economic climate, which requires a new set of ideas about values, fees and systems of exchange, I am very willing to discuss both my sliding scale fees and other rates based on the  specific financial situation of the client, so do not hesitate to request such consideration.  Such conversations are part and parcel of our collective shift into a new paradigm of relationship with each other.

Sessions may be conducted in person in the North Central area of New Mexico, as well as by e-mail or skype (audio or visual).  I no longer do telephone consultations as most people are now dependent on cell phones and those often do not maintain good connections.  A digitally recorded CD is provided to the client with every session.

I am also available for lectures and workshops and those fees are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Payments are accepted through Paypal, though checks (with full clearance) and money orders are preferred.

  1. #1 by Neil Gordon on June 14, 2012 - 8:13 AM

    Could you give me a list of the books you have written???

    • #2 by sistertongue on June 14, 2012 - 3:48 PM

      I have been published in the anthology, “Women Write About Girls and Girlhood,” and a thesis regarding the inter-relationships between childhood sexual abuse and adult diagnoses of personality disorders. I have a number of non-fiction short stories which are currently on their way to more literary publications and am currently working on my book, “The Lost Manuscripts of Humanity: Unearthing the Book of Common Sense.”

      With my website, counseling astrology and bodywork practice and teaching, those books do take years to birth, as any practicing astrologer/counselor can attest to.

      Thank you for your inquiry. I am going to, very shortly, put out a list of books I recommend, which cover a wide range of subjects and which are designed to assist people in “connecting the dots” on their own with regard to the foundational framework within which humanity currently finds itself having to function – or, rather “dysfunction.”

  2. #3 by Neil Gordon on June 15, 2012 - 2:24 PM

    Thanks,looking forward to the list!

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