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A Room Full of Cocks Crowing: The End of the Piscean Age

article-2276884-17832D42000005DC-528_634x423I can think of no other more appropriate transition from the Piscean age, which began approximately 2000 years ago when christianity established itself as a spiritual authority (the phrase itself is an oxymoron as there is no authority within spirituality, only within artificial religions) and the Aquarian age, which faces us now and begs us to accept and traverse unknown territory.

The current Pope’s resignation is symbolic of the millenia-old patriarchal and hierarchical culture of control, violence, deceit, perversions and total cowardice, established during the beginning of the Piscean age, that must crumble and fall if we are to enter into the Age of Aquarius with any awareness and wakefulness at all.

The current demise of that outdated culture/structure (Pluto in Capricorn now), founded 2000 years ago, during which the authority of Western males was firmly established to the detriment of female wisdom, personal authenticity, peaceful relationships with others and the desire to acknowledge individual talents in service to the greater whole, is one to be celebrated.

These red cocks wearing their girlish costumes (which once belonged to the province of temple priestesses – now aped in bizarre frocks worn by men and demeaned by them), must be cast aside if we are to enter into the Aquarian concepts of community, right relationships and the attainment of higher Mind.

Aquarians are all about creativity of the Mind and individual expression of personal, spiritual meaning, and we must all yield to their heralding changes.  In the same light, we must acknowledge those of Piscean heritage who will usher out the last two millenia of travesty that began with our age.  Sorrow and the transmission of learned lessons are what those born in Pisces (and/or those with charts heavy in Pisces/Calypso/Chiron) have to hold during this transition.  WE do know the wounds inflicted over this past era and we can, indeed, communicate the errors of those ways.

The skirted, poof-ball perverts of the Catholic Church, which established extraordinarily ridiculous theories and behaviors at the beginning of the Piscean age, have led us all astray during these two millennia of their rule in left-brain, boy thought, orthodox behavior for far too long.  When I use the word “poof ball,” I am not referring to someone’s sexual orientation (though these guys have some serious hangups in general around sexuality);  I am referring to a person’s utter lack of courage, honesty and integrity.  The word is actually the informal name of a member of the edible fungi family – a mushroom.  They are usually round and are distinguished by their ephemeral, fragile structure.  If one squeezes a poof ball, millions of spores “poof” from its insides, after which it collapses.  So, originally, referring to someone as a poof ball did mean that they were a lot of air with very little substance.

Let’s all watch the pope run and hide just as the Church’s dirty laundry is washing in on the tide.  I see there is a reason to thank Pluto for her revelations of secrets and lies at this time, as well as her influences in the collapse of useless structures.

What shall happen as Calypso, the true ruler/goddess of the seas and oceanic spirituality of the people (mis-named by males as Neptune) moves through Pisces over the next 10 years, will be the drowning of those patriarchal robes, ermine capes and false red slippers in the waters of transformation.  Dorothy, where are you and will you please, for all of us, click your ruby sequined slippers?  We are being asked to realize that there is, indeed, no place like home and I hope we can all begin to awaken and recognize the true members of our small communities once again.  And, it is going to take diligence and work on the part of us all.

If any of those red-capped boys were at all functioning out of honesty or integrity, they would immediately suspend the upcoming joke of “choosing a new Pope,”  throw up their hands and say, “We failed.  Most miserably, in a quest for spirituality.”  Each and every one of them would resign if they had any conscience.

Alas, no, they will, even in the face of all facts as to their pedophilic, bank fraudulent and corrupt behaviors, try to pump themselves up like adolescent boys on viagra.  We should all laugh and walk away from their theatrical gesticulations at this point.  The emperors/popes are all, indeed, rendered naked.  Better for all of us to simply turn away as they embarrass themselves once again before humanity.  It is the polite thing to do, though politeness is far more than any of them deserve. Read the rest of this entry »


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Still Here and Back Soon

Just a brief note to readers. Yes, I have been away from my writing here. Time always seems to move much more quickly in the Summer. I am busy with my practice which, as our times heat up on every level, becomes busier.

And we have been walloped this month with the Lunar Eclipse and Venus transiting the Sun, both taking place within 24 hours of each other. And then, of course, there are those CME’s from the Sun continuing to bombard us at the invisible level.

If you are feeling tired and having difficulty sleeping, as many of my clients are, that would have a biocosmic origin. A great deal of incoming at the moment and that will continue through June. We will be hit again at the very first (of 5) exact squares between Uranus and Pluto on June 24. That dynamic is part of a t-square with Pluto/Sun (in cardinal signs Capricorn/Cancer) with Uranus in Aries (cardinal) as the 3rd foot of the stool. As always with a t-square, the trick is to find the 4th foot of the stool to attain balance and perspective. More on all of that in my next post, which I promise soon.

In the meantime, I am glad to see that so many readers have been taking the time to read my past articles posted over the last couple of years. All of them are useful and form a progression and background to understanding where we are now.

Thanks for your on-going visits, despite my absence and more to come soon.

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The Day After

Looks like we all survived Elenin and can wish each other good morning yet again on our planet. This alleged event allows us to practice our highest spiritual discipline – that of discernment.  Much was written about this event, which amounted to nothing and, yet, it very well could have.  Learning to research, listen, explore possibilities and entertain them all without opinion, agenda or concern is the art of the seeker. Through it, we learn to empower ourselves by exploring and learning to trust our own judgment in the midst of rumor, innuendo and potential chaos.

So, we have lived through the exercise of learning how to live with The Way, that very elusive and esoteric Taoist state of entrusting ourselves to ourselves and the uncertain and constant mysteries of the Cosmos. Nothing is lost in such an exercise.  It is, in fact,  a very worthwhile journey we have all taken together in learning to listen to our own internal voice and following it, no matter what it was any one of us chose to do in the face of it.

Welcome to our post-Elenin world reality. Regardless of the final outcome here, it has, indeed, energetically altered all of us in the ways we needed.  Reflection on what this event meant to you and the discoveries you have made now on the other side of it is well worth the effort.  Such nodal points, whether real, imaginary or simply anxiously anticipated, allow us to scratch ever deeper below the surface of what we think we know of ourselves and the world around us.

In light.

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