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A Return to the Sacred

I seem to be stumbling across a number of articles these days that express, far more beautifully than I can, my own philosophical orientation to life and the need to return to a very vital, sacred part of human nature which has been lost to the commodifying, consumerist culture that has, over time, impoverished our spiritual selves.

This is what I wish we all could do for our children and ourselves.

It is called:  Remember Your Song



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Uranus Square Pluto: June 24, 2012

Welcome to the day of our first exactitude of Uranus square Pluto.  There are more of this alignment to follow over the next few years.

The temperature is rising, physically, politically, socially and metaphorically.  Feel the burn?  Well, that’s exactly what we should all be feeling.  And, for those of us willing and able, we need to learn to welcome that sensation.  Fire is the elemental of the spirit and, yes, that is the very elemental that is being asked to transform, for all of us as a collective and for each of us individually.  The collective we can apprehend with common sense.  Where that fire will take place for each of us as individuals is tied directly to the particular cosmic mandala each of us drew for ourselves to live through before we arrived here in physical form.  That mandala is the natal chart and its hieroglyphs and meanings can only be discerned through consultation with an astrologer skilled in counseling and soul astrology.  Such a consultation is indeed, a creative conversation regarding the individual dynamics chosen for achieving both personal awareness and finding our place within the larger global context. Read the rest of this entry »

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Full Moon March 8, 2012

This Full Moon, at 1:39AM PST, should inspire a very beautiful, resonant sound in all of us.  At its exactitude, we have a Grand Trine in the Earth signs:  Moon/Mars in Virgo in the 8th house, Jupiter/Venus in Taurus in the 4th house and Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st.  And all held within the open palm of the Sun in Pisces/Calypso, goddess and knower of deep emotion and the hidden depths of our souls.

Astronomically, the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus through the month of March (exact on March 13 at about 10PM PST) will be the most spectacular for years to come.  They both appear together even now very brightly in the Western sky just after sunset – two beacons of beauty and benevolence that are stunning to see.  They will remain visible through the month of March and will return as lovers again in May when they take up their duet in Gemini, but more on that later.

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A Quiet New Year

While most of America stuffs itself with its over abundance of wants, things, desires and self-importance, makes all kinds of noises about its alleged level of intelligence, comments on political races made up of people who should actually be laughed off the stage if we had any sense, and sits, mesmerize, by all the news of international, political and football battles and such, I happened upon this video.

It captures the true predicament we have made for ourselves and the “collateral damage” of our participation in all of it with our own people and within our own selves, right here at home.  Time to explore the borders of our own internal landscapes at a more adult level.  As within, so without.

In light on the journey.

Click below for the video.

A Voice in the Desert

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Time is Busy These Days: Is the End Really Nigh?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”  Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Here we are, in the final days of the end of an ancient, indigenous calendar, at least in the calculated view of a north american white male who decided that his  new and improved interpretation of another culture’s work is, of course, the correct one.  Because it’s “real science” of course, sifted and purified by the sieves and structures of mathematical equations and derivations scratched out on blank sheets of white paper and mental somersaults conducted inside square rooms full of volumes of similar mental chatter.  It’s the story of the cowboys versus the indians, once again.

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Demeter’s Love: Part 2 -The Reclamation

Persephone Returns to Her Mother

The reclamation required in an examination of the story of Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, must be conducted on both the material and metaphoric realms in order for its message to be fully comprehended.  This is the story first and foremost of the intense love and devotion of a mother for her daughter.  It is also, however, one of the first examples of how the patriarchy takes a distinctly feminine narrative and alters it, not just for its own immediate benefit, but to shape all future narratives in service of that patriarchal agenda.  Like the asphalt and carpets that have buried the once vibrant heart of natural and holistic civilizations, the stories of ourselves have also been painted over with foreign words.  They have been left as dry, truncated husks  – empty tomes whose only purpose is to serve the needs of political, social, economic and religious institutions bent on exercising authority and power over others.

The need here is to pull up the rugs, open the closets, air out and reclaim  these narratives.  They are stories of love, passion and the deep desires of individuals to serve the good of the whole.  They were not written down at all – they were not etched into stultifying, leather-bound encyclopedias.  They were, rather, engaged in and played out within the rich and unpredictable terrain between the bookends of thousands of years of living.  They are stories of blood and birth, of harvest and cornucopias, of reverence and duty to that which is, indeed, incomprehensible to the human mind, the divine intelligence which infuses all things with life. The focus of those intertwining and intersecting epochs, eras, and communal and singular lives were centered upon the subtle and brilliant movements between the once-fluid masculine and feminine energetics, guided by the wisdom of the goddess. Read the rest of this entry »

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Demeter’s Love: Part 1 – The Truth

It has been just over one year since I wrote a piece on Pluto (see The Love Parade) and this planet’s part in the epoch-defining Cardinal Cross, whose permutations will be with us for many years.  In that piece, I reviewed the greek myth of Demeter, Goddess of grain, agriculture and all that lives and grows upon the land, and the kidnap of her daughter, Persephone, by Hades (Pluto).  The themes introduced in that piece, as well as those of the configuration of The Cardinal Cross, remain with us.  Because we have failed in large part to listen to those thematic warnings, we continue to spiral ever deeper into their as yet unlearned of metaphysical and psychological lessons.  Because we have ignored the need to change the physical structures leading us all unto a premature death, we need to descend to a more subterranean level of understanding.  We will go there, by fate or choice, but go there we will. So, we’re off on an archeological spelunking expedition to broaden the view of where we are now and, hopefully, alter the consequences of our past and the course of our future.

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The Burning Moon

Here where I live, we haven’t had to wait for the lunar eclipse for daily views of a blood red moon.  The burning of the Wallow Fire in Arizona has covered our landscape, two hundred miles away, with a haze that floats like the breath of ghosts around the low trees and shrubs of the high desert of the Southwest.  It blots out even the slightest hint of an outline of the sacred mountains here and the land is transformed into a mist that I imagine enshrouds the passage across the river Styx.  Both sun and moon glow with fire at sunset and moonrise.  The two have become one.

Our world is burning, shrinking, puckering with drought and flowing with lava.  So too, are the artifices of a global cultural orientation that has outlived its purpose.  This full moon (10:03am EST, July 14) and total lunar eclipse (visible in the eastern hemisphere) finds the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.  As we all know, America’s chart is all about Pluto in the 2nd house – the house of money and physical possessions.  The crumbling of the structures of divisions and control (accelerating now through the adolescent use of force to get one’s way) will continue with quickening speed.  The smouldering denoument of this course is unavoidable, as the products of such mindless activities now infuse our food (gmo’s), air (fukushima fallout and CO2 pollution) and water (pharmaceuticals now flowing through our tap water).  The contamination is now thorough and uncontainable, just like those nuclear fuel rods.

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Cleaning Up After The Storms

The meeting places of nature and humanity

It appears the metaphor I used for the celestial events I wrote of in my last post was far more prescient than I knew at the time.  This has nothing to do with personal possession of unique gifts of prophecy, but, speaks, rather, to the universal power of observation and rational intuition we all have, however deeply buried and obscured those abilities may have become.  The trick is in apprehending the more metaphysical, foundational framework upon which the mundane details will, in due course, play themselves out.   Those foundational elements are there for everyone to see – comprehending their import, however, is the provence of those who refuse the distractions of vanity, greed and forced conformity that are now being heaped upon the plates of americans at an ever-quickening speed.  Yes, western culture has concocted an alluring buffet of sweets full of dreams laced with large doses of modified corn syrup, which only serve to distract the consumer’s attention from that which lies, and always has lain, within.  What lies within is the eternal, which no religious structure, no government entity, nor any dysfunctional parent can touch with a profane and unclean heart.  It is the naked, vulnerable part of us that always comes clean in the rain.

Cultural constructs have always come and gone;  the rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of our planet and her greater mother, the Cosmos, however, abide.  We have a choice as to which resonances and harmonics we attune ourselves:  will it be the hammered crosses placed upon institutions which are so easily knocked down by high winds, or the enduring meaning and spirituality found in feeling the eternal rise and fall of our bodies in response to air, breath and pleasure, season after season, lifetime after lifetime?

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Seeing with the Third Eye

The Celestial Third Eye

Tonight is the New Moon in Capricorn with a partial solar eclipse.  This is a magnitude of energy that is quite remarkable.  Though in North America, we will not be able to view it, we will very much feel its influence, as we have during its approach throughout the month of December.

In traditional astrology, a solar eclipse was viewed with dread – accompanied as it is with a strange, almost twilight effect during broad daylight.  It foretold of bad omens and monumental change.  That is, in fact, one interpretation of such an event and, indeed, such changes have occurred throughout history during the aftermath of an eclipse.

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