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water-lily-pond-deckingNearly two weeks after it started, the fire continues here on my front doorstep.  The nightly settling in of the smoke into the valleys gives way to thick, overbearing mornings of enforced quietude as venturing outdoors is a danger to health.  Afternoons bring winds that spread the blaze across the face of the mountain here.  Firefighters have drawn a boundary zone and have moved on to defend that line, leaving the internal fire to simply consume the forests.  It is, indeed, a living entity, this fire, bringing with it the destruction that Pluto exerts upon us all and will continue to do through it’s squares with Uranus that will, finally, end in 2015.

Enduring the phase of de-construction and discovering a “new normal” that will last for a long time after this epoch has passed is our first order during the initial phases of these squares. Those able to engage at the meta-level are most likely to meet these coming years with a sense of balance, fortitude and understanding that this experience is necessary for renewal.  The living through it is the test of character, much like this fire has become an annoying neighbor whose presence one must put up with until the neighbor decides to move away.  No choice about it at all, except in how one will meet and work with it over time.

I have received many e-mails from others’ commenting on their relationship to the news of this fire.  Those that do embrace metaphor and metaphysics have recognized that this burning brings up old wounds in need of new recognition and, ultimately, a chance to finally perish – like writing down archaic thoughts and feelings on small bits of paper and, after reading them out loud and acknowledging their deep impact on us, we throw them into the campfire under a clear, night sky.  Those wounds do hurt and it is that pain we must learn to sit with with compassion and patience.  Sometimes, those places in us seem endless, much like this fire begins to feel as though it will last forever and I must now organize my own life and continue on with meaning despite it’s presence.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces at this time are the planets to which we can look  for inspiration in taking on the healing of those old wounds.  Chiron represents that journey at the individual level, recognizing ourselves and our personal narratives as critically important within a larger context.  That larger context is represented by Neptune, one of our gas giants, whose position as an outer planet signals the very large spiritual and emotional changes that need to take place upon our own.  We all belong to that whole, yet we will only come to terms with this epochal transformation by reaching out to our own selves, valuing the stories our very bodies hold at even the cellular level, and allowing the wounds of our culture to come to the surface.

Those waters are deep, indeed.  Kindness and courage are our best allies as we reach our hands into that reflecting pond, searching the muddy bottom for the detritus we need to hold up in the sunlight in our open palm.  It is good to remember, when feeling through that muck, that that is where water lilies’ roots are to be found.  Despite its ephemeral, moving and de-stabilizing qualities, there are anchors to be found down there, in the depths of that cool water.


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Pluto Square Uranus: Notes from a Fire

Jemez Fire 2013

Jemez Fire 2013

Here is a beautiful example of how the macrocosmic celestial relationships, whose symbolic meanings often feel so ungraspable, translate into our daily lives at the microcosmic level.  This is what the delivery of the Thunderbolt (Uranus) of Destruction (Pluto) in square actually looks and feels like right here on terra firma.  As many of you know, I do live in the Jemez Mountains and this fire did start just a mile from my home.  Fortunately for me and my small neighborhood, it began east of us, with winds blowing east.  However, it’s presence has been huge and overwhelming and, though I am safe here to the West of it, I know so many flora dying and ache for the fauna (including humans) that are threatened and struggling in its path.  What I am including here is a series of “reports” I wrote to friends in Santa Fe and some of their responses which, as a whole, I believe can illuminate the deep feelings held by so many on this planet as we traverse the series of Squares between these two planets through 2015.  They are, indeed, “sparking” destructive changes, the opening of old and buried wounds, and the transformation of them into something larger than our personal circumstances.  It’s about personally and universally connecting to events that effect us all, though in our individual ways.  In addition to these written exchanges, I have had many calls from clients, as well as conversations with village friends, regarding the welling up of sorrows and fears, intensive periods of overwhelming fatigue to an almost narcoleptic degree, as well as sudden personal crises whose end appears in doubt.  This is exactly what this epoch is all about and, as these exchanges reveal, the deep and abiding drive to heal.

If you are willing to make your way through them, it is my hope that the progression in the “calls and responses” between myself and friends will elucidate the natural progression from the first “numb and dumb” recognition of a new reality and it’s often concomitant attention to “facts” (a good way to find control in uncontrollable circumstances) toward a more full and contemplative reflection on the symbolism of events, which is what astrology, life, transition and death are all about.  It is also the core of what will be required of us through the Uranus/Pluto squares and klieg lights of sudden changes through the next few years.  They will bring the destruction and, which will then open the way for the “something new.”  But we have to extend our horizons and think long-term, just as the twists and turns of this fire have required those of us in its immediate vicinity to do.  This requires endurance and courage and the simple ability to sometimes just sit with ourselves and cry.  It, like aging, is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Before you continue, please do pardon the rather interesting formatting throughout.  These exerpts are directly taken out of e-mails and, given all the various fonts and compatibilities of the digital world, I have not been able to format it all here in any uniform manner.  Perhaps another metaphor for our confusing and disconnected world at the moment.  Though that is a vestige of a past structure now falling down.

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A Room Full of Cocks Crowing: The End of the Piscean Age

article-2276884-17832D42000005DC-528_634x423I can think of no other more appropriate transition from the Piscean age, which began approximately 2000 years ago when christianity established itself as a spiritual authority (the phrase itself is an oxymoron as there is no authority within spirituality, only within artificial religions) and the Aquarian age, which faces us now and begs us to accept and traverse unknown territory.

The current Pope’s resignation is symbolic of the millenia-old patriarchal and hierarchical culture of control, violence, deceit, perversions and total cowardice, established during the beginning of the Piscean age, that must crumble and fall if we are to enter into the Age of Aquarius with any awareness and wakefulness at all.

The current demise of that outdated culture/structure (Pluto in Capricorn now), founded 2000 years ago, during which the authority of Western males was firmly established to the detriment of female wisdom, personal authenticity, peaceful relationships with others and the desire to acknowledge individual talents in service to the greater whole, is one to be celebrated.

These red cocks wearing their girlish costumes (which once belonged to the province of temple priestesses – now aped in bizarre frocks worn by men and demeaned by them), must be cast aside if we are to enter into the Aquarian concepts of community, right relationships and the attainment of higher Mind.

Aquarians are all about creativity of the Mind and individual expression of personal, spiritual meaning, and we must all yield to their heralding changes.  In the same light, we must acknowledge those of Piscean heritage who will usher out the last two millenia of travesty that began with our age.  Sorrow and the transmission of learned lessons are what those born in Pisces (and/or those with charts heavy in Pisces/Calypso/Chiron) have to hold during this transition.  WE do know the wounds inflicted over this past era and we can, indeed, communicate the errors of those ways.

The skirted, poof-ball perverts of the Catholic Church, which established extraordinarily ridiculous theories and behaviors at the beginning of the Piscean age, have led us all astray during these two millennia of their rule in left-brain, boy thought, orthodox behavior for far too long.  When I use the word “poof ball,” I am not referring to someone’s sexual orientation (though these guys have some serious hangups in general around sexuality);  I am referring to a person’s utter lack of courage, honesty and integrity.  The word is actually the informal name of a member of the edible fungi family – a mushroom.  They are usually round and are distinguished by their ephemeral, fragile structure.  If one squeezes a poof ball, millions of spores “poof” from its insides, after which it collapses.  So, originally, referring to someone as a poof ball did mean that they were a lot of air with very little substance.

Let’s all watch the pope run and hide just as the Church’s dirty laundry is washing in on the tide.  I see there is a reason to thank Pluto for her revelations of secrets and lies at this time, as well as her influences in the collapse of useless structures.

What shall happen as Calypso, the true ruler/goddess of the seas and oceanic spirituality of the people (mis-named by males as Neptune) moves through Pisces over the next 10 years, will be the drowning of those patriarchal robes, ermine capes and false red slippers in the waters of transformation.  Dorothy, where are you and will you please, for all of us, click your ruby sequined slippers?  We are being asked to realize that there is, indeed, no place like home and I hope we can all begin to awaken and recognize the true members of our small communities once again.  And, it is going to take diligence and work on the part of us all.

If any of those red-capped boys were at all functioning out of honesty or integrity, they would immediately suspend the upcoming joke of “choosing a new Pope,”  throw up their hands and say, “We failed.  Most miserably, in a quest for spirituality.”  Each and every one of them would resign if they had any conscience.

Alas, no, they will, even in the face of all facts as to their pedophilic, bank fraudulent and corrupt behaviors, try to pump themselves up like adolescent boys on viagra.  We should all laugh and walk away from their theatrical gesticulations at this point.  The emperors/popes are all, indeed, rendered naked.  Better for all of us to simply turn away as they embarrass themselves once again before humanity.  It is the polite thing to do, though politeness is far more than any of them deserve. Read the rest of this entry »

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Venus Rising

Here is the essence of Venus crossing the sun and rising:  a woman (not a girl) owning herself.  More to come.  But, you know, this is why, in my blog, I will shortly be discussing why males have no business teaching females about their sexuality: tantric, kundalini or otherwise.

You know why?

Because she already knows what she is doing.  Always has.  Our work, if we want to become men and women, instead of just boys and girls playing boy games for vacuous entertainment, is to recognize her for who she is in her own right.

Notice how all the men (and they are men) musicians simply support her while she expresses herself?  That is how it is supposed to be.

She isn’t on that stage “performing.”  She is on that stage revealing herself as she is, for who she is.

She is not there for your pornographic fantasies, boys, nor as a warm-up for your phallic pleasures.  Not at all.  She stands complete unto herself and will not be denied. Those supporting male musicians know that.  And, look, they are celebrating it.  So, let’s all start to bend our minds and imaginations into THAT reality.  Because that reality is the only one that is going to save any of us at this point.

This video is the absolutely, perfect metaphor for our times:  Venus eclipsing the Sun.  A long time coming and a much needed alteration in our course of being.

So, sit back and listen, all you boys and girls, and try to learn something new for once.  Grow up.



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New Directions

Dear friends and readers:

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted.  This is not due to neglect but, rather, because I have been re-directing my attention to other avenues of thought and creativity.

Most of you are aware that I have incorporated, over time, the philosophy of the Tao into my astrological writings and readings.

After much contemplation and a feeling of being torn between two places of thought and interest, though both dovetail seamlessly into my consultations, I find that I have needed to devote a greater amount of my time right now to developing another of my websites, which is dedicated solely and entirely to my writings and classes about the ancient Tao.

I have, indeed, been developing that website and initiating my classes devoted solely to that pursuit.  Such contemplations and writings have been stimulated by my renewed commitment to teaching and interpreting the ancient (versus traditional or conventional) Tao.  It has been a long time in coming as I have been engaged in the philosophy and practice of the Tao for many years.  Reflections upon it never cease to delight me, as well as encourage new ways of thinking and being in the world.

I will continue to write here of astrological interests and find that my need to write of the ancient Tao does, indeed, completely resonate with our most recent collective experience of Venus crossing the Sun – a once in a 105 (or so) year occurrence.

We should, indeed, all sit up and take notice, as many of our own progeny will never experience it and all of us who witnessed it are fortunate to have done so.  My own mother never did during her lifetime. In that light, I have initiated my separate website on the ancient Tao, which, I hope, may begin to elucidate and transmit the feminine Tao, so long lost amidst, betwixt and between our patriarchally- and hierarchically-oriented culture.

Venus crossing the Sun means that the Divine Feminine, if allowed to do so in this place and time, can lead us into new paradigms of equality with one another.  Such equality means we must divest ourselves of old paradigms of male/female relationships and to forge new ways of being with each other.  The death of the old social/cultural paradigms of boy/girl dating/relating are over.  Here, we have the opportunity to start to meet each other as adult men and women within a more holistic understanding of the world and our place within it.  That will take listening to our guts (solar plexus) and acting with guts.  Risk-taking is the order of the day and, after many years of contemplation, I realized my own need to do so.   Such are the writings of my new website, which will, ultimately, inform and direct my writings here. They always have.  It is just that, at this juncture in our (and my own) history, I choose to address such issues more directly than I feel I have been able with the focus here of astrology as its main concern.

I will indeed, write of that rare occurrence of Venus and her crossing of our Sun shortly.  But, for now, I do invite you to visit my new website: to find out more about what I am doing these days, as well as to read of new days ahead for all of us.

Thank you all for your continued support and reading of this site.  I have not forgotten all of you.  I have, in fact, been forging a new way for myself and all of us to think about ourselves in a larger context and, whether here or there, I will address those issues.

in light,


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Stalking Yarrow: New Moon in Cancer

I know, the title could be anything from the name of a horror slasher film that takes place in and around a very rural, abandoned farmhouse to that of a workshop given by one of those fraudulent, often caucasian, new age, shaman/guru wannabes.

It is, in fact, however, a very mundane, though richly nourishing experience that takes place out in nature, far from the madding crowds and without accompaniment of vacuous devotees.

Out here in the real, this is high season for wildcrafting the herbs and medicinal plants that root themselves under the guidance of nature in our fields and ditches.  Those who lead the fast-paced urban-based tourista sort of life behind the wheels of expensive and usually debt-procured speeding cars never notice the abundance passing by their windows along the roadways  and byways taking them to their final destinations.

There is an entirely different journey to be had out here and, at it’s core, brings the traveler into intimate contact with the flora and fauna along the winding path.

Wild oats jangle under the brush of a passing hand and the red stalks and deep greens of wild spinach are pulled and picked by grateful fingers to be served at the evening meal.  Crows perch in branches and loudly harass the passerby, whether it be a bi-pedal human strolling along on the silent carpet of pine needles or a raptor that has strayed too far into the corvids’ nesting area.

Astrology, at it’s finest and most original, is all about the understanding of the turning of the cosmos and fluid changing of the seasons.  As  we should know, it’s practice was developed during a time of humanity when the whirlings of the stars and the rhythms of nature were viscerally understood as one and the same.  The measuring of the constellations took place with a simple compass under a darkened sky.  Planting and tending and harvesting held center stage in the activities of every household.  Astrology was conceived and birthed during an epoch where humans realized themselves fully as being in relationship to an intangible life force whose meaning might be perceived in the touch of a leaf, tasted in root soups, seen and heard in the singing of the wind in boughs that wept and swayed on high.

They were times in which to seek the counsel of an astrologer was to engage in a dynamic and ongoing conversation regarding the metaphysical meanings of the physical world.  They did not involve transient,  individual “readings,” a lazy and hierarchical habit now employed by most astrologers in which they simply sit and “talk at” the client.  Such astrologers merely reflect the larger cultural environment in which we now live, one where “civilization” has diminished our abilities to engage in real relationship, one where the subtleties of actual relating have been lost to a two-dimensional, authoritarian style of making pronouncements about the client.  Those are the astrologers that prefer the speeding car to the walk in the woods.  Most of those live in urban environments, shuttered inside walls and blocks of concrete and smog that block their view of the heavens.  They spend their time at their computers, attempting to glean some meaning of the world around them from glowing screens amidst fearful street lamps the obscure the shining and darkness of the moon.

Ah, well, Lao Tze has always said that civilization destroys the true essence of the human being and, in my years of experience now, I have come to agree with him.

Yarrow harvesting is the name of the season here at the moment.  And, indeed, they are tall plants on narrow stalks, their leaves feathery and light, all culminating in a cluster of white flowers so identifiable, even at a distance.  This is the time where those of us who know, see them out of the corner of our eyes even as we traverse winding, rural roads and stop the car, gather our gathering bags and scissors, and traipse out past the lined highways and gather, gather gather this amazing medicinal plant.  And then there comes the washing and hanging and drying and then, on the New Moon in Cancer, immersing them in their healing oils to sit and infuse that oil with their profoundly healing essences.

New Moon in Cancer – aahh, the great mother, ruler of the breasts and giving of her abundant, nourishing milk.  And she will bestow those juices when the time is right.  Patience is her virtue and that which she teaches to those willing to surrender to her guidance.  She takes unto herself the primary ingredients and, over time, just like a gestating woman, transforms them into complex life.  All others must wait and honor the time and place of her transmutation of those simple things.  She has her own rhythm and it is ours to develop the subtle perceptions to know when her delivery is right and full and imminent.  And then, to minister to the birthing of her progeny.  We know that she, and they, will bestow their gifts for a long time to come, shall heal our illnesses even in the muted and grey days of winter and hold us steady until spring comes again.  Her oils, salves and tinctures are rich beyond belief and ours is to trust that she does, indeed, have the power to guide us through the uncertainties of the darkness.

My writing this comes at a time when we, as a collective, both conscious and unconscious, face an uncertain and precarious future.  That is true.

I also write this just 6 weeks after Venus has crossed the Sun, a once in a lifetime event for all of us alive right now.  That influence is not just generationally epochal, but belongs to the larger anals of centuries of recorded human history.  This era, for many reasons, shall be studied by many, from anthropologists to paleontologists to astrologers alike for a very long time to come.  Though many in western civilization simply say, “oh, yeah, I was there and did that,” before they turn their attention to the next, newest headline on the tv screen, our duty here is to pause and contemplate the deeper meanings of Venus’ appearance at this time and this place.

My next entry will, indeed, be devoted to that very topic, though I am still reflecting on it and will, indeed, wait until she moves me to speak.  She does herald a very important message in amongst our doom and gloom.

As all psychotherapists ask when any new event or appearance makes itself known, the question is:  “why here, why now?”  Therein lies the rub.

In the meantime, I wish for all of us to step outside and smell the smells of green and abundance, to lie down and listen to the  soft, story-telling murmurs of the feminine as we lay our heads upon her chest and drift into sleep.

She is there, always has been.  We have simply forgotten her.

Venus returns now to remind us of her power and her beauty.

Dream well.





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Uranus Square Pluto: June 24, 2012

Welcome to the day of our first exactitude of Uranus square Pluto.  There are more of this alignment to follow over the next few years.

The temperature is rising, physically, politically, socially and metaphorically.  Feel the burn?  Well, that’s exactly what we should all be feeling.  And, for those of us willing and able, we need to learn to welcome that sensation.  Fire is the elemental of the spirit and, yes, that is the very elemental that is being asked to transform, for all of us as a collective and for each of us individually.  The collective we can apprehend with common sense.  Where that fire will take place for each of us as individuals is tied directly to the particular cosmic mandala each of us drew for ourselves to live through before we arrived here in physical form.  That mandala is the natal chart and its hieroglyphs and meanings can only be discerned through consultation with an astrologer skilled in counseling and soul astrology.  Such a consultation is indeed, a creative conversation regarding the individual dynamics chosen for achieving both personal awareness and finding our place within the larger global context. Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Moon Afterglow

One of the things I enjoyed about the evening of and day after the Super Moon was listening to and watching how people responded to it, whether or not they were even aware of this event.  Many of those who were aware of it reported to me a day of quite startling, fluid events, all moving along without effort, though some of the tasks they had at hand were quite difficult.  Others described serious disorientation, forgetfulness and confusion.  One person forgot to go to work the next day.  Still others reported experiencing altered states of consciousness even as they were competently navigating their grounded, mundane lives, full of work and other activities.

Here at my own home, I watched an unconsciously spontaneous evening of sharing unfold in my neighborhood, which is the purest kind of ritual.  Unplanned and authentic.  Advertisements and staged events pale in comparison to the natural way that natural humans have of just coming together, for no apparent reason than to enjoy each other’s company.  No entrance fees are required.  It happens all on it’s own, if we just get out of the way and let it.

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Super Full Moon: May 5, 2012

In astronomical terms, a Super Moon means the time when the Moon is in perigee (closest) to Earth and this one is the closest of the year.  The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than any other this year.  It also happens to coincide, almost to the minute and most unusually, with the Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus.  For those on the East Coast, the time will be 11:35PM this Saturday night.  For those of us in the Mountain and Central regions of the US, the moment will occur right around the time of sunset/moonrise.  Moonrise is the best time to observe the largesse of luna here, as the terrestrial landscape gives us familiar landmarks to more fully appreciate its truly supersize.  That perspective gets lost the higher the moon climbs into the dark night sky.

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April 21, 2012: The Lyrids

Tonight is just a night to take a break from heavy meaning and simply enjoy the peak of the Lyrid meteor showers.  Get out there under the stars.  Invite your close companions, spread out your blankets and chaise lounges and lie down together and watch.  Hot tea and chocolate are highly recommended for sharing in the wonder and awe of our physical universe.  It’s depth and breadth is truly amazing to behold and, tonight, fireworks from heaven will, indeed ensue.

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