Bookings for Services

Just a note to all.  Currently, I am booked for sessions three months in advance.  Sorry for the delay for requests, but I am busy fulfilling those requests.  In light of that, I am taking a waiting list for people who are willing to wait for cancellations in my schedule and have some flexibility with their time regarding chance openings for sessions.  As always, please do place in your e-mail headers:  Sistertongue Session if you want to book with me or ask questions around a booking.

Yes, indeed, the times they are a’changing, very quickly, thus the back-up in my consultations.  As we all know, time is moving very, very quickly at this point and many are realizing the imminence of our epochal decision-making processes and thus the demands on my time.  I am, indeed, willing to work with all those who want celestial consultations, though do apologize to those who need counseling sessions.

Do, please, continue with your requests for services, as I can and shall meet them forthwith.  If there is a delay in my response, exercise patience as I will get to you.

I do not employ receptionists and what-not, so I am, indeed, of my own volition and ability scheduling sessions as fast as I possibly can these days.

Thank you all so much for your willingness to consult the heavens for direction at this time.  They are, indeed, the only thing that can sustain us through our personal  trials and tribulations and, as a professional counseling astrologer, I do feel  a push to anser them.

Given the current demands on my time for consultations, I am reverting to my set-default monetary compensation of $100/hour.  My initial readings usually last from 1 hour to 90 minutes, and so that is the rate at which I will conduct readings.

If anyone needs special consideration due to their financial situation, please, please do bring this up in you initial e-mail or phone contact.  I am always happy to accommodate such requests.

in light,


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