water-lily-pond-deckingNearly two weeks after it started, the fire continues here on my front doorstep.  The nightly settling in of the smoke into the valleys gives way to thick, overbearing mornings of enforced quietude as venturing outdoors is a danger to health.  Afternoons bring winds that spread the blaze across the face of the mountain here.  Firefighters have drawn a boundary zone and have moved on to defend that line, leaving the internal fire to simply consume the forests.  It is, indeed, a living entity, this fire, bringing with it the destruction that Pluto exerts upon us all and will continue to do through it’s squares with Uranus that will, finally, end in 2015.

Enduring the phase of de-construction and discovering a “new normal” that will last for a long time after this epoch has passed is our first order during the initial phases of these squares. Those able to engage at the meta-level are most likely to meet these coming years with a sense of balance, fortitude and understanding that this experience is necessary for renewal.  The living through it is the test of character, much like this fire has become an annoying neighbor whose presence one must put up with until the neighbor decides to move away.  No choice about it at all, except in how one will meet and work with it over time.

I have received many e-mails from others’ commenting on their relationship to the news of this fire.  Those that do embrace metaphor and metaphysics have recognized that this burning brings up old wounds in need of new recognition and, ultimately, a chance to finally perish – like writing down archaic thoughts and feelings on small bits of paper and, after reading them out loud and acknowledging their deep impact on us, we throw them into the campfire under a clear, night sky.  Those wounds do hurt and it is that pain we must learn to sit with with compassion and patience.  Sometimes, those places in us seem endless, much like this fire begins to feel as though it will last forever and I must now organize my own life and continue on with meaning despite it’s presence.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces at this time are the planets to which we can look  for inspiration in taking on the healing of those old wounds.  Chiron represents that journey at the individual level, recognizing ourselves and our personal narratives as critically important within a larger context.  That larger context is represented by Neptune, one of our gas giants, whose position as an outer planet signals the very large spiritual and emotional changes that need to take place upon our own.  We all belong to that whole, yet we will only come to terms with this epochal transformation by reaching out to our own selves, valuing the stories our very bodies hold at even the cellular level, and allowing the wounds of our culture to come to the surface.

Those waters are deep, indeed.  Kindness and courage are our best allies as we reach our hands into that reflecting pond, searching the muddy bottom for the detritus we need to hold up in the sunlight in our open palm.  It is good to remember, when feeling through that muck, that that is where water lilies’ roots are to be found.  Despite its ephemeral, moving and de-stabilizing qualities, there are anchors to be found down there, in the depths of that cool water.


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