The Drunken Master, Crazy Wisdom and the Shining Light

Okay, so, I AM spending a great deal more time over THERE on my Taoist blogsite.  You know, the Tao just comes in flow, just as astrology does.  I have decided to simply “let go” of what and where I should be doing anything and invite my readers to experience the rhythmic, non-linearly-delineated wisdoms of, well, kinesthetic wisdom.  I have so many interests and, in my younger days, felt guilty when I was doing one thing as opposed to another.  I felt that I was neglecting something I should be doing while attending to something else.  Now that I have entered a different phase and different perspective of life, I realize how the movement between each subject and activity only enlivens and enriches the others.  No, it’s not conventional and may, at times, seem crazy or inattentive, but, just like the wonderful man in the photo here, over time, it all makes sense.

A wonderful man I once knew, my acupuncturist, who was actually my star twin (born within two weeks of each other) told me that, being a Taoist, one becomes the interstitial fluid that flows through and into each and every cell of the body.  We flow.  Others choose to be the stationary cell, but we choose to move between millions of those cells.  Neither one can be what it is without the other.  Flow depends on the stationary and the stationary depends on the flow.  It all comes down to discerning choice.  Emphasis on Discerning and Choice.  Know what it is you are choosing to do and all becomes right.

So, I hope you stay with me in the flow of life and the tao and astrology and all other subjects that bear upon our lives at the moment.  As that famous quote states:  “Every tangent turns into a circle, if you just have the patience to wait long enough.” I am over there right now. With my crazy, drunk masters of light.   Hope you can make the journey.


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  1. #1 by Neil Gordon on October 31, 2012 - 5:01 PM

    Great Segway for the two sites! Everything mirrors each other ..Esp.Tao & Astrology (&Jung!)

    • #2 by sistertongue on October 31, 2012 - 5:39 PM

      Thanks, Neil. My version of talking to myself and engaging in unilateral, though lively conversation. Then again, a Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon/Gemini Rising would need such stimulation.

      Studies have shown, though, that people who walk around in circles and talk to themselves are smarter than people who walk in straight lines and talk to themselves who, in turn, are smarter than people who do not talk to themselves at all.

    • #3 by sistertongue on November 17, 2012 - 6:10 PM

      I am assuming your spelling of segue as “Segway” is an intended bit of humor. A “Segway” is actually a piece of modern machinery and a literary “seque” is an avenue from one place to another at a metaphorical level. Just want to ensure linguistic integrity as the written word appears to be devolving into a global state of “ebonics.” No condescension intended toward anyone, but I’ve realized, in our “dumbed down” society, that most do not know how to spell nor understand the rich history of the origins of language.

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