Re-defining Venus: Stumbling Toward the Light

We are the hero of our own story.”

Mary McCarthy

In order to begin to discuss the significance of Venus eclipsing the Sun way back in June and to tease out the meaning of it at this juncture in history, it is necessary to step back and view the bigger picture inside of the narrow one from which our cultural definitions of her have emerged and been defined over the past 7,000 years – under hierarchical and patriarchal rules of relationship.  We are, indeed, at a critical time in re-defining relationship on this planet and, in order to do so, we do need to stage a break-out of the feminine from the prison within which she has been required to function over millennia.  We have to, first, acknowledge this sorry state of affairs.  Women, in fact, have no idea who we are  . . . yet.

What we should all be celebrating is this:  The idea that SHE’S BAAAACK!  This occasion truly is a once in a several generation event and we do, indeed, need to sit up and take notice.  That notice is sent to all females (and males) who want to graduate from juvenile ways of relating and ascend to being a woman relating to men, in their own rights.  My last post is all about that.

It has been over two months now since I began writing of Venus (see my post Stalking Yarrow: New Moon in Cancer) and I have pondered the comments to that post by one of my readers in which she stated, “I am feeling this waiting so strongly. I keep writing words for my next post but it is never ready. It hasn’t gelled yet, still gestating.”

Thank you, Periane, as this comment perfectly defines the current state of the feminine:  that of waiting, of gestating, which has been her only role in the male domain for centuries.  It is, indeed, our role to take in and to transform.  And yet, at this time, given that we have been gestating our state of affairs as females in multiple male dominated cultures for thousands of years, I feel it is time to enact our yang energies.

It is really time for us to begin the process of speaking and writing, of putting ourselves forth into the world at large, even though the Divine Feminine’s spirit and form may be as yet unknown to us.  Waiting simply leaves us in the same mire we have been in for a long time:  waiting for and then allowing the male element  and narrative to define us.

Women must begin to put forth the definition of ourselves for ourselves and of ourselves, regardless of how tentative and uncertain that definition may be at the moment.  Of course we have no idea what it is as we have been under a state of amnesia for a very, very long period of time.  And, it will take time for us to, indeed, re-member (mentally, spiritually and bodily) ourselves.  We have been bound and gagged for generations.  By stupid males.

Each part of our collective re-membering will allow us to become whole again.  No, that’s not easy, and it takes courage to do so.  So write and speak it, Periane (you are, indeed, the embodiment of that desire to name ourselves and to step forward – a representative for us all to follow suit).  DO IT, initiate your yang power from deep within, no matter how insane it may seem.  Do no that it will, indeed, appear insane and that you may suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because of it.  Just always remember, you are suffering the blows of an already, completely yang dominated structure of culture that is, itself, utterly insane.  So welcome those stones as they are a compliment to you – an external piece of evidence that your are, in fact, beginning to undo the insanity that has lead us all to the abyss of our collective destruction – which is the only thing unbridled yang/male energy can and will do.

In so speaking, writing and doing, what we are actually enacting is the true essence of the yin element.  In so doing, we begin to undo the long history of the yang over-riding element so prevalent in our global community at large that and drowns out the Divine Feminine’s true and essential nature.  In so doing, we begin to reclaim ourselves, outside of the male narrative.  In so doing, we stand up and begin to utter the most self-loving and life-giving word known to woman:  NO.  No more.

It is important for us to do so now, as the yang has become so out of control we all face extinction under its distorted and violent forces of aggressive consumption and obsessive sexual impulses.  That has been the plight of the nurturing, yielding yin:  to be consumed and subsumed under the linguistic, cultural and physical rule of yang.  If we do not take the proverbial bull by the horns (Taurus, ruled by Venus herself) and speak, we will, in the end, simply observe ourselves as participant colluders in our own and other’s demise.

And, certainly, our off-spring, those to whom we have given birth (whether biologically or artistically based is irrelevant) and our future generations deserve more from us than that.  We are their mothers, after all.  All of them.  It doesn’t take the fact of birth to summon our innate sense of wolf-like protection of our children – we all know it’s power equally.

We need to take the risk of ostrasization and condemnation from a ruling culture that is, indeed, on a psychotic path toward our mutual destruction.  We need to take very seriously our legacy to our children here, women.  And that legacy will be judged by our progeny and future generations.  Judgement is, indeed, a useful tool.

We need to ask ourselves how we want them to remember us.  Do we want them to understand us as the passive, impotent creatures male culture has demanded that we become, servant girls in a male pantheon of gods and corporations?  Or do we want to have them herald us for having stood up, like that bull, and done what we could to preserve them?

I think the answer is abundantly clear.  We all have to, eventually, lie down on our own death beds and reconcile ourselves to the lives we led here, in this brief time.  Imagine yourself there and contemplate the thoughts and feelings and visceral knowledge you want to understand of yourself and this lifetime as you lay quietly, right before your eyes shut for the last time and right before your very last exhalation on this earth.  This is the place that will tell you who you are and were here.  Courage or cowardice.  Integrity or ignominy.  Action or complacence.  Nurturance or destruction.

These are ours to choose.

Choose well and carefully, my fellow women.  Our collective future depends on it.

Venus loves, sustains and abides by the feminine element.  And, yet, she also knows we have no idea who she is at this point.  She does, indeed, heartily encourage our current endeavors toward our re-discovery of ourselves and harbors secret admiration in our so doing.

So stumble, and make mistakes and take wrong turns and feel stupid and awkward in the new speaking, writing and naming of ourselves.

We are all, together, on totally new territory here.

So write, Periane.  And all the rest of you.  Put your stamp on your assertions toward authentic expression.

An honor to one who came before us.  Look at her eyes and feel her heart.  Really LOOK at her face.  Take it in.

This is the picture of a serene, yin warrior, fully cognizant of her choices and, yes, consequences under our idiotic boy way of doing things and dispatching those who buck the system.  She should be celebrated as our hero.

We would all do well to follow her example.

More on Venus and her attributes later, but this is where we all need to start:  honoring the courage of those who have walked our path and suffered the consequences of walking the one of authenticity in an inauthentic world.  Let us all resolve ourselves to break out of our prisons, males and females alike.


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