Uranus Square Pluto: June 24, 2012

Welcome to the day of our first exactitude of Uranus square Pluto.  There are more of this alignment to follow over the next few years.

The temperature is rising, physically, politically, socially and metaphorically.  Feel the burn?  Well, that’s exactly what we should all be feeling.  And, for those of us willing and able, we need to learn to welcome that sensation.  Fire is the elemental of the spirit and, yes, that is the very elemental that is being asked to transform, for all of us as a collective and for each of us individually.  The collective we can apprehend with common sense.  Where that fire will take place for each of us as individuals is tied directly to the particular cosmic mandala each of us drew for ourselves to live through before we arrived here in physical form.  That mandala is the natal chart and its hieroglyphs and meanings can only be discerned through consultation with an astrologer skilled in counseling and soul astrology.  Such a consultation is indeed, a creative conversation regarding the individual dynamics chosen for achieving both personal awareness and finding our place within the larger global context. As this burning time progresses, the message is:  Don’t get lost in the details.  The overall burning allows us to sweep away the mundane ashes of our existence and to participate in the ensuing purity of self that inevitably results from that process.  Authenticity is the treasure that can be sifted out and held in one’s own hands once the fire has died out.  Every alchemist seeking that ephemeral philosopher’s stone knows this.  Become that philosopher and alchemist. Beginning with the lunar eclipse of June 4 and continuing with the transit of Venus across the Sun a day later, we should be feeling the heightened sense of fire and heat that is continuing for us all.  The last transit of Venus (2004) brought with it, shortly thereafter, the tsunami and concomitant devastation and death of thousands to southeast asia, particularly in Thailand.

The Bonfire of the Vanities

There are many now in the world who are vying for prestige and power through predictions of the mundane “Event” that will trigger the Big Crisis/Transformation of Humanity.  Such superficial machinations and competitions are irrelevant at this point and are one of the last vestiges of the limited and truncated left-brained male cognition still trying to retain control over something that is uncontrollable.  Please do note that 99% of these “guru predictors” are men.  Most of them are selling for dollars the product of light and hope to the masses.  The other polarity are selling doom and gloom.  No matter which one, no matter what form (from the “channelers” of disembodies entities, to the “energy healers” promising to open your chakras, to the “I just had a head injury (or near death experience)  and now I am enlightened,”  who want to write their memoirs, to the fundamentalist, survivalist paranoids, to the gold and silver financial wizards) all of them are functioning in the old, worn-out game of attempting to profit from these inglorious and uncertain times. To “know,”  is the newest form of trying to “do” and flailingly attempting to retain some mastery in a quixotic universe.  That’s not going to take us anywhere, though males (and their female zombie followers) will constantly try to re-direct our attention to that arena.  Because it puts ignoble dollars in their pockets.

Walk away and spend your good money and spiritual energy elsewhere.  Uranus square Pluto means choosing whether to bring life to your own spirituality (Uranus) or sink into the realms of material gain (Pluto).  Be very, very clear about your choice.

The Ashes of Enlightenment

Spirit is entirely “other” than the brain.  It is intangible, esoteric and deeply personal.  No man nor woman can hold power over it.  It dwells within each of us beyond language.  We own it wholely unto ourselves.  Shirk anyone who attempts to take it from you.

The current astrological squares and intensifying global heat are all about allowing a different form of understanding wisdom to infuse and lead us to a truly integrated mind.  Such understanding requires the marriage of the body (common sense instilled through each of the five physical senses that, when fully and acutely developed, lead to that intangible state of “sixth sense” understanding) and the rational, linear left brain.  Each needs each other like oxygen and, when fused, will, indeed, take us to a higher level of consciousness.  Unfortunately, the body, whether of woman or earth, has long been vilified, pillaged and raped by the truncated, logical male brain for so long that few even know the qualities of common sense any more. We are still far from realizing, respecting and honoring both parties in the sacred union of intertwined masculine/feminine  knowledge and wisdom, respectively.

Now is the time to cultivate those qualities within ourselves and without with each other.   Awareness will ensue, if we allow it.  If we stand in that, we inevitably walk the long, dark corridor (Pluto) into the light (Uranus). And that is exactly what Uranus square Pluto requests we consider. Fully, as sentient beings.  Our ability to discern and accept the darkest, most nefarious secrets of ourselves, at both a micro- and macro-cosmic level, desires to be revealed.  The exact form of delivery of the darkness that gives way to the light and freedom that follows is completely unknown and quite irrelevant to the ultimate goal.  And it is deeply personal and honoring to each of us.  In and of and for our personal selves alone.

Lightning is both an illuminating and darkening experience, as anyone who has experienced a thunderstorm knows.  This particular astrological and electromagnetic alignment summons us to embrace both the polarity and union of the metaphorical storm we all can see on our horizon. The full apprehension of the contrasts between darkness and light are absolutely necessary at this time if we are to synthesize their individual moments/lessons and ascend to a larger view of ourselves as a whole.

We are not  simply “all one,” as the vacuous, current new agers proclaim.  That is just silly childishness.  Neither are we  separate and atomistic entities all vying for our own sense of importance and meaning, as the conservatives espouse.  Winner take all.

We are BOTH individual AND collective at one and the same time.  And we must be willing to sit with both our alone individuality and our collective dilemma, oscillating between those two facts of existence.  That is the prevailing paradox that can always be found at the heart of the Tao (and many other eastern philosophies) , as well as this current astrological phenomenon.  We  must learn to say “yes” to each, and maintain our equanimity while balancing both in a conscious and aware manner.  That is the heart of enlightenment.  And enlightenment unfolds in small steps over a long period of time.

Let’s not remain boys who masquerade as “Men Who Stare at Goats.”  Staring at goats, or determining the exact “event,” simply makes one good at staring at goats.  Or inventing notions that what is external to us is within our control.   All of these endeavors fail.  For good reason.

There is a much larger universe unfolding out there and it is time we realized our smallness within it, as well as our acquiescence to it.

True Transformation

Our  personal, probing questions to ourselves at this time should be:  to what end shall we use our common sense (yin/feminine) and knowledge (yang/masculine)? And the evaluation method is equally as simple.  To what higher ideal do we employ our personal actions?   To heal or to destroy?  To exploit or to support?  To demean or to inspire?  To arrogantly pillage and profit or to humbly give and renew?  To extend ourselves toward life, or to wield weapons of death?  To give sustenance  to others or to starve them? These contemplations and considerations, which form the foundations of our personal code of ethics, are about what we wish to attain and how we want to go about doing that, from a place of equipoise and wisdom.  Sit down now and write out your personal code of ethics for life.

The Concrete and the Spiritual

I am going to pause here to give a very concrete example of the hidden and overt dynamics of which I speak.  As someone before me has said, “The Divine is in the details.”  In order to discern the details, we must be willing to inquire of the whole.

I was housesitting for a man who had gone to europe on vacation for an extended period of time.  The dwelling is an apartment in one of those pre-fab complexes designed for the working class that pretend to middle class levels.  Ordinary and mundane. As invited by him, I set up my computer in his study and there, plainly and clearly, on a series of sticky notes, he had left a complete accounting list of his investments, profits and capital gains taxes paid, all stuck, in plain view, on the wall-mounted ledges of his bookcase.  Nothing hidden, readily available for perusal.  I was surprised and uncomfortable.  I was raised in an environment where such private and personal information is not displayed.

Of course, he is a lower class, aspiring 99%-er, just like all the rest of us.  Aspirants to the 1% often reveal themselves through their faux pas, though they remain completely unaware of their own social embarrassments.  We actually have been trained to believe that our gains at others’ expense is to be admired and praised.  That’s the way it’s done, right?   Obeying the laws of culture and finance should be rewarded, right?

At any rate, all of this man’s investments were all neatly listed with their stock market symbols on their displayed sticky notes.  And we are not talking fabulous amounts of money here.  Very modest sums.  That detail is, in our larger discussion, irrelevant.  It is the activity of investing, regardless of sums, that is the point of focus.  So, being a discerning observer, I decided to investigate what those stock market symbols were.

Turns out, every single one is a mining company, ranging from silver to other precious metals.

Mining investments.

Yes, let’s see, mining.

Let’s actually sit down and THINK about the what the activity of mining is and does. As long as profits can be made, no one, at any level, really bothers to contemplate the collateral damage done by those investments.

Mining is an extraction process and its tailing pools, literal scarring of the landscape and destruction of the environment, as well as the use of indigenous people for slave labor to gouge out those precious metals from the mother earth, is one of the most toxic, damaging and exploitive practices on the planet.  It may well be second only to war in its utter devastation to humanity and the all other forms of life.  It leaves, in its wake, for all of our children to have to deal with, a river of pollution, waste and exploitation.

And, yet, this man is proudly displaying his profit status off of his personal, financial practice.  That practice, in detailed reality, is nothing more than one of destruction, facilely carried out in his little study on a computer, far removed from the reality of the devastating costs of that investment.   It is the financial version of drone warfare.  And it does kill.

I know he is doing no more and no less than behaviorally responding to the brainwashing of the 99% by the 1% in order to aspire to wealth of a very superficial kind.    It is that aspiration that should be called into question.  Our current culture labels  this man, who is one of hundreds of millions, as a “savvy investor.”  Yes, in our twisted world of destroying our planet over the long-term for short-term gain, he is.

He has simply been successfully indoctrinated into copying the actions of those he dreams of becoming.  Such a waste and sorrow. In a more just and fair world, one that seeks to judiciously preserve the environment and to aspire to respect and trust and love humanity, he is nothing more than an exploiter of both flora and fauna. He is, while executing his trades via the internet, ultimately and stupidly, trading off his future generations for his personal trip around europe.

This is a man who has no empathic connection to others, not even his own living children and grandchildren.  And that is the definition of a sociopath.  No, he is not a consciously malicious one at all.  But, he will, without regret or thought, push the buttons that will eventually lead to the impoverishment of both his own progeny and billions of others as well.  Why?  Because he has been institutionally trained and manipulated to do so. His own mind has been successfully infiltrated and colonized by those above him.  And that requires a dumbing down of the brain and very myopic sight.  He is a retired member of the military and he holds a very nice pension.  Yet, he wants always more of those little pieces of paper that give him a sense of false wealth.  He, like so many, is a perfect example of cognitive/behavioral programming.  But, of course, that would be expected of a soldier who salutes authority rather than utilizes adult discernment.  No surprise there.

His obeisance to authority and our system goes still further, however, and extends to exploiting his neighbors and friends.  I was originally  approached by his girlfriend (of course, women most often negotiate the ignoble deeds of these unconscious males) to water his plants and take care of his cat.  She asked me to do these tasks AND to contribute to his vacation by subsidizing his trip in the amount of covering 2/3 of his rental expense. She originally justified it (for him) by saying he could get a neighbor (of course another woman) to do it for free, but would be willing to do me a favor by letting me stay there.

Really?  Of course, I refused the initial amount of money, though at the time negotiated a smaller payment (because I am also a woman and still naively brainwashed into thinking women give for nothing while men over-compensate themselves for doing nothing at all – still working on that).

In retrospect and after discovering his lazy profits off the backs of others,  I found myself angry at the ludicrous idea that others are supposed to subsidize his most personal desires and wishes. This is exactly what the 99%-ers accuse the 1%-ers of doing, yet, like this man, they continue to do it to each other.  Like most entitled, caucasian males (again, the macro-level is that this is a very lop-sided, western, masculine way of arranging the world), this man is well-liked by all in the community.  Oh, yes, he is funny and charming and “nice.” No one questions or confronts his underlying selfish behaviors.  We have all been duped into smiling and acquiescing to such practices through silence.  In that silence, we all support the deception and destruction of our planet and each other. He is a plain, lower-class person pursuing the nefarious (plutonic) ideas and actions of the “trickle up” theory of abundance.  He will use others, whether far or near, to profit himself.  Just like those ceo’s in big corporations.

I do not write this to blame any individual, I write it to demonstrate how our collective brainwashing/acquiescence happens every day, in every home, on any typical american (and western european) street.  I intend it as an example to address the financial, gender and racial dynamics of inequality with which we are engaged on an on-going basis at the most mundane level, each and every day of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. And to demonstrate how we all participate in it.  The 1% aren’t out there somewhere.  They dwell within us, at the deepest levels of our unconscious.

To acquiesce to such a person or philosophical ideation, no matter how apparently benign, is the downfall of us all.  It has been culturally accepted for eons, but that doesn’t make it morally, nor ethically nor spiritually right.

Usury is not a spiritual practice, which is exactly the reason why Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders upon the steps of the temple so long ago. I am not a religious person, though I find the philosophy behind his actions to be just and correct.  The time has come for all of us to withdraw and say “no,”  to this kind of selfish. short-sighted garbage.   That garbage is Pluto, the revealing of it is Uranus at work within us.

More and more of us, in order to save what small future our proceeding generations might have, must be willing to turn over the tables of the users.  And first on the list is our very own.  We do need to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves first.  We need to divest ourselves of our own ill-gained over-abundance.  Those heavily involved in their plutonic selves will not want to hear the truths said out loud by those within the uranic sphere.  Those who do speak it are most often ostracized by those who seek the  illusionary comforts of the plutonic system.  There are those who will say that what I write is offensive.  We must, however, recognize that the entire system within which we function currently is offensive to our spiritual development, our emotional and intimate relationships with each other and our physical beings as well.

Say it anyway.  As astrologer’s know, the destructive forces of our dark Plutos always win, unless we bring them to light.  And we have to be willing to say it to our family, friends and neighbors.

The Bigger Picture

Our scaffoldings are falling down, crumbling into dust.  The bricks and mortars of all to which we have clung out of ego attachment, and to which we have knelt in obeisance, are disappearing. We are in error if we want or attempt to resurrect or bolster those old girders.  Eleven years ago, all of us witnessed the very real event that dropped those symbolic towers built by and for financial wizards.  Since then, we have been living in the aftermath of that metaphor.  They were built upon the philosophy of exploitation and self-interest.  They needed to fall.  All we are doing is waiting for the roar of thunder after that lightning strike. Running around and blaming others or seeking revenge wasn’t what we should have done then, and it isn’t what we should be doing now.  Reflection on its philosophical and spiritual meanings is where we should be focussing our attention.  Parading around at OWS protests while still actually invested in the giant investment casino game of profiteering of the labor and resources of others just makes one a hypocrite.

During this particular time Uranus (explosions) has become necessary to bring to light to our deepest, darkest secrets (Pluto), which are useful tools in determining which kind of human being we want to be as we traverse this transformative epoch.  First is to uncover those more nefarious parts of ourselves, in whatever arena Pluto resides for us individually.  And that’s no easy task, but the reward is in coming clean with ourselves and each other.  Pretending we do not have them and putting on a good face isn’t going to help us with this task.

WHAT will happen pales in comparison to HOW we will meet it and what higher meaning we derive from it (or them).  And how we treat each other through it.  Yes, we will all make our mistakes with each other, but the true ability of humanity lies in becoming absolutely AWARE of the dynamics and actions of our darkest places and the willingness to correct them when they are made plain, hopefully by ourselves and by those who love and respect us enough to show them to us.

This time and place in which we find ourselves gives us the gift of delivering the fire necessary to reveal, burn and cleanse and to, ultimately, change ourselves and our collective course.

There is a Phoenix that wants to rise out of the ashes of our wayward civilization.  We all made it together and we all need to walk across those glowing coals to get to the other side to change it.

Those who have invested themselves in the old way of being, those who have invested themselves in an external locus of control (the “event” predictors, the wealth possessors and such nonsense) who do not have the capacity to let go, will perish.  Whether physically, spiritually or mentally, they will die.

Those who have already let go and are well within the powerful state of an internal locus of meaning, are most likely to find their way through this explosive, confusing time.

No guarantee at all of that, though.  Not for any one of us.  And, like that final moment of physical death,  none of  us, not a single one, knows what lies on the other side.

Time to become comfortable with descending beneath the ocean waves and traversing through the unknown.  Davey’s Locker awaits us all, at some point. This is a time to feel the heat, challenge ourselves to walk through fire, and let go of any expectations at all  as to what lies on the other side of those flames for us.  Neptune in Pisces until 2024 also promises the dissolution of our former emotional and spiritual attitudes towards life and each other and rigid, religious institutions will come down as well.

All aspects of both ourselves and of humanity as a whole are on the table and awaiting re-negotiation.  That will happen when we choose to engage with each other face to face and risk the vulnerabilities we have with each other, a facet of ourselves from which we have cut ourselves off with our focus on the cyberworld.

The exercise has the potential to lead us to the achievement of a state of grace. And that, indeed, is the prescription for facing our own, individual death.  An event that all of us go through, rather successfully I might add (I have never met anyone who has failed at their dying or their birthing).  We are all equals in our success at both of these states of transition.

In my mind, that is all this entire celestial/global exercise is about:  preparing for that ultimate moment of letting go of everything we have ever known and being willing, with courage, awareness and honor, to go into that place.    That process requires an enormous commitment to self and other and whatever divine meaning we hold within.  It is, in essence, the very thing that eastern philosophies try to teach – that every moment of letting go of attachments is a lesson in our final letting go.

I wish  for all of us, to meet the explosive light of Uranus, however it may come in the coming days, unafraid to stand tall in it’s brilliance.  And to look into the abyss of Plutonic darkness and bring it to light.   It is going to get messy.  It is, however, a most rare (just like Venus transiting the sun) and unique opportunity.  And it will determine our collective future.

May grace and love follow you on the journey.


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  1. #1 by Neil on June 25, 2012 - 7:15 AM

    As always;vibrant,insightful,and enlightening analysis and poetry!

  2. #2 by R. Olga on June 25, 2012 - 8:45 PM

    “All aspects of humanity are on the table & await renegotiation”! INDEED! May grace be with us all! I am not afraid of death, especially NOW in this time ….. bring in the realization of what LIFE IS!! Thank you Sister Tongue

    • #3 by sistertongue on June 26, 2012 - 6:23 PM

      Thank you for your comment, Olga.

      We all face death and are successful at that endeavor, no matter how it comes. Not such a big deal. Nothing special about it and no great achievement. And, yet, it does play a very important part for us in our next round of the wheel. However, life is exactly what it is right now. There isn’t going to be some “realer” real life about to show up. This is it. This already IS the real life we are seeking.

      The conditions of both the conception and cessation of our lives are most important to consider. The moment of conception determines the most important part of our fetal development, birth and future life on the planet.

      Death is also a conception, determined by the lives we lead here, which ultimately determines our lives after this one. HOW we lived this life determines the conceptional framework for the next one.
      Consideration of these elements is crucial to self awareness.

      And, if, before your demise on this planet, you have decided to conceive your world inside of this culture, have gotten yourself all mixed up and identified with and are involved in the socially/economically-accepted, though juvenile game, of investments, mortgages, credit card debt and all the rest of the main stream stuff, you have a MUCH farther way to go in spiritual enlightenment/development than those who have, out of good conscience and discernment, divested ALL of our assets in that social/political/economic casino game of profiteering.

      Aware and awake folks do not aspire to nor pretend to “own” nor possess anything. Nor do they engage in the superficial debt game of existence.

      The unaware and unconscious do.

      I know lots and lots of self-deluded, pseudo-enlightened folks who have played, and continue to play, that material casino game. Many of them are now, or soon will be, in “default” on their mortgages, credit cards, student loans, car payments and all such trivial nonsense. Unfortunately, the costs for all of us for all those trivial possessions are rather high. Oh, gee, “ha ha” those dweebs have decided they will just “run away” from their delusions of grandeur (“home-ownership – which is really just debt-ownership) when stuff just doesn’t work out for them.

      Contrary to those debtors’ and delusionalists’ beliefs, those defaults and run-aways don’t just disappear when they choose to bail out of their responsibilities. Most egregious, particularly in the set of people who think they are intelligent or enlightened. Gag.

      In so abandoning your responsibilities, dear enlightened ones, you have, indeed, committed generations after you (as well as your neighbors, friends and family) to pay for your personal desires and illusions of grandeur (no matter how modest the income level). That deserves a big bark from the rest of us who, with good conscience, chose not to participate in your juvenile delusions.

      Such behavior doesn’t get you good karma points, most “enlightened ones.” And this is going to be the longer-term learning for westerners, particularly americans, who have unreasonable ideas of what they believe they are entitled to or “deserve” (another gag phrase), coupled with a highly immature idea of victimhood if life doesn’t wave its abundant wand over their heads at all times.

      That way of thinking, so ingrained in affluent or aflluence wannabe westerners, only accumulates future karmic debts (see, if you lived here in debt, you owe karmic debt. If you expect others to bear your burdens, your burdens in the next lifetime will be that much greater). All of it goes into the Akashic Records, dears. There is, indeed, a very objective, neutral karmic ledger and our choices here do not get erased. No matter how much our small egos try to alter the books.

      We all will, at some time or other, face those ledger books. And pay our true debts.

      Whether now or then, we all pay.

      So, there is always paradox and here it is that our material wealth (based on indebtedness) is our actual poverty (most often spiritual in nature). We can also find that paradox in the subject of death which isn’t to be treated flippantly, nor is it to be treated as some kind of armageddon. It is an exercise which, if we approach it well, serves as an enormous learning tool for this and our other lives.

      Appreciate your comment, Olga, particularly for its introduction into the clarifying element here.

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