Super Full Moon: May 5, 2012

In astronomical terms, a Super Moon means the time when the Moon is in perigee (closest) to Earth and this one is the closest of the year.  The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than any other this year.  It also happens to coincide, almost to the minute and most unusually, with the Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus.  For those on the East Coast, the time will be 11:35PM this Saturday night.  For those of us in the Mountain and Central regions of the US, the moment will occur right around the time of sunset/moonrise.  Moonrise is the best time to observe the largesse of luna here, as the terrestrial landscape gives us familiar landmarks to more fully appreciate its truly supersize.  That perspective gets lost the higher the moon climbs into the dark night sky.

The Polarity Between Astronomy and Astrology

This moon is, indeed, about some serious polarities rising up before us.  Before I launch into the metaphysics of it, however, I have to talk a bit about the illusion that our culture loves to re-inforce regarding the disconnections between allegedly rational science and its ugly stepdaughter, emotional/intuitive meaning.  In reading NASA’s report of this full moon, the site does give the quantitative specifics of this and other Super Moons.  It discusses the fact that tides may, indeed, be higher (up to 6 inches) and that the combination with our spike in solar CME’s might give rise to more earthquakes.  However, the author also states that, during the last Super Moon, which occurred on March 19, 2011, nothing happened.(1)

Really?  Nothing happened?  Does anyone remember the ignition point of The Arab Spring?  That would have been March 19, 2011.  That day also happened to be one during which President Obama gave a press conference in which he announced that middle eastern countries better submit to america’s idea of democracy or “get out of the way.”  (google Obama speech 3/19/2011) America has, indeed, been clearing out the obstacles to its corporate goals with increasing frenzy since then.

These events also coincided very closely with the Fukushima disaster one week earlier, when Uranus entered Aries (see here for that article).  The Super Moon of Spring 2011, did, indeed, bring massive, socially and physically explosive and disruptive events with it.  It appears that the NASA scientist would have to be suffering from acute cultural and global myopia in order to make the assuring statement now that “nothing happened” then with a straight face.  Those of us with any capacity for meta-awareness, the ability to connect some serious dots, should greet the announcement with as much bemusement as a parent would the exuberant declarations of their two year old’s subjective discoveries.  Professional metaphysicists and astrologers simply shake their heads and get on about the business of capturing and interpreting the bigger picture and our intimate relationship with our living, celestial bodies.

The other astonishing statement the NASA man made was that the moon appeared larger on the horizon, rather than high above our heads “for reasons not fully understood by scientists and psychologists.”(2)  Really?  It certainly doesn’t take a Ph.D. or a mental specialist to figure out that that would be because familiar landmarks give us perspective and important visual cues to measure and judge size, distance and location.  That understanding is just plain common sense.   It is the same reason people do not drive well at night:  in the countryside, at least, where there are no streetlights, spatial orientation, without daylight landmarks, becomes more difficult to achieve.  The point is that so much of our awareness, whether with people or nature, is born out of our relationship to them.  As we know, scientists do not have any particularly well-developed skills in this area, which in fact is critical to our existence and survival.  And, it appears that the scientist has become so disconnected from the real world, so dependent upon his laboratory equipment and windowless environment to explain his reality, that he has, indeed, lost the very basic ability to apply rational common sense to a phenomenon a simple as this.  Oh my.  This example serves only to wake us up to the fact that we should, indeed, exercise a good deal of discernment in whose opinion we place our faith.

Finding Balance in the Polarities

Do get ready for some serious rendings and tectonics during this Super Moon as even a normal full moon places us all in a state of tug of war between our instinctive, intuitive and emotional selves (Moon) with our rational, dutiful and public selves (Sun).  With the Super Moon here in Scorpio, in opposition to Sun conjunct Jupiter, the tug of polarities between our spirit and body will feel all the greater.  It is an excellent time to feel deeply into the pulls within us and watch how they manifest themselves without.  Regardless of whether we choose to focus on our personal lives and observe those manifestations, or step away from the mundane and watch the themes of our planet ebb and flow, this is about getting in touch with our visceral, sensate selves and looking around for how they ground themselves down on the material plane.

Super Moon in Scorpio sextile Mars (Virgo)** is also going to give our instinctual, deep, sexual selves a higher level of drive on this evening, perhaps leading us into a greater octave of lunacy – and that’s key to watch.  Hot lava may be flowing down the mountainsides of our bodies tonight.  Emotional passions are wonderful things and they are going to be heightened with the Mars aspect.  Mars in Virgo will enunciate the more self-involved aspect of fulfilling the goal of getting it “our” way and, so we might want to cultivate a bit more non-critical sharing here.

With the Sun conjunct enthusiastic Jupiter in sensuous Taurus there may be quite a desire to take it over the top, with concomitant consequences.  And there’s the balance point.  Moon in Scorpio wants to indulge and will be further  driven to do so by Mars in Virgo. Fortunately, Pluto (Capricorn) trine Sun/Jupiter will be exerting a harmonious influence here toward emotional healing and healthy, intimate relationships, so that would be the element at work to offset the pull of Moon and Mars.  Pluto is all about uncovering our deepest fears and secrets and it may be a time to examine our notions of what fulfilling intimacy really is, rather than the cultural norms around sexuality within which we have imprisoned our authentic selves.  Pluto in Capricorn would underline the need to explore our outdated social edicts (rules and institutions) versus our true emotional/intimate needs.  As a culture, those edicts are deeply unconscious within us and this would be a good time for reflection on the psychologically hidden, though very behaviorally obvious, rules within which we constrict our most intimate relationships.  Pluto square Uranus (Aries) has the potential to set us up for an explosive situation in which to drop a striking incident whereby our illusions may be exposed.

Chiron in Pisces is also sextile Pluto and, as we know, the wounded healer’s function is to bring hidden hurts to the surface and heal them, thus further underscoring Pluto’s message here at this particular time.  Calypso in conjunction with Chiron (though they are slowly moving out of that orb) can show us the profound disillusionment of our relational structures and allow us insight into the feelings held so deeply around the failures of those structural norms.  That disillusionment/disappointment is the first step toward accessing a greater creativity in  finding new structures (Pluto in Capricorn) within which to find and fulfill our true heart’s desire.

Venus in Gemini sextile Mercury in Aries is wanting to fly up and out in witty, charismatic and sexy style.   She’s also semi-sextile that exuberant Jupiter.  This can be a situation of great social fun and abundance, or a serious spiritual hangover once all is said and done.  Saturn, however, is trining Venus and should assist in keeping things within the range of dignity and reasonable modesty.  Forgoing any sort of bottle games or dares would be a good idea.  If you are want to take in the pub/dance scene, make sure you take trusted friends who can hold you back from getting sloppy.  Better yet, pull in your saturnian self, who can gently tap you on the shoulder and let you know that dancing on the pool table might not be such a great idea.

Within this celestial map, others may want a quiet time at home having tea with close friends and sharing reflections on relationships, true passions, emotional upsets, behaviors of sexual discharge versus our true sensual fulfillment and our  personal drives within a highly confined, seriously repressed and sex-obsessed society.  Those are the wounds and secrets that Pluto and Chiron can shine a golden light upon under a Super Scorpio Moon.  Peeling back the layers of secrets and silence is, indeed, a painful process.  The more willing we are to undergo it, the faster those wounds can heal and the closer we come to realizing what we truly want and need.

The Larger Picture

Before I close, some of the current themes in our culture should be looked at.  As we approach this Super Moon in Scorpio, with Mars in Virgo, the antiquated notion of sex and violence should be reflected upon.  I have previously written of this theme in Demeter’s Love: Part I and Part II.  Currently, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction opposite Moon sextile Mars can show us what Jupiterian abundance taken too far can look like.

We have been building toward such aspects at an increasing rate of late and the Super Moon can give us a place to stop and really look, objectively, at what is going on.  It’s not about words, it’s all about actions.  Talk talk is cheap and obfuscating.  Watch the walk.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, there are a growing number of reports of females in the military suffering rape and degrading abuse at the hands of their allegedly “heroic” male counterparts.  This fact is a serious indicator of how pathologically and deeply embedded sex and violence have become in our society.  A bunch of boys in uniform who cannot even keep their sister soldiers safe from their own, male brutal impulses is hardly a force I would want to show up when the going gets tough in my neighborhood.  And these are their own they are doing the do to.  Small wonder that the brutalities of our troops overseas are that much worse.  In their fight for their personal survival within those uniformed groups, the girls join the boys in beating, shaming, raping and dismembering those they see as other.  In psychological/PTSD terminology, it’s called identifying with the abuser, which is about the only choice when surrounded by them.  The medical intervention has been to drug these soldiers to keep them “fit for combat.”  Combat for a woman means just trying to keep  herself safe in her own bunk. That is a truly pathetic state to which our armed forces have sunk.  Those with courage (or one shred of true christ values)  have put down their weapons and walked away.  We need more of those on the planet.

The governmental and religious aspect of the war on women and their civil rights as individuals is escalating dangerously as well, to the point that a Texas judge recently made the statement in a public ruling that “abortion is a form of terrorism.”  Such a statement is insanity.  And, insanity is what we have on our hands as primarily white, authoritarian males step up their aggression on the far fairer (and I am talking morally and ethically here) sex.  Are we proposing the national guard be called in to surround an expectant mother in order to guard her fetus?  That would assume, of course, the typically male belief that the female is nothing more than a brainless vessel holding his precious seed.  The idea put forth by another group of similar males in congress that women should be subject to the equivalent of medical rape before being allowed to terminate a pregnancy is a twisted notion born out of increasingly twisted minds.  Along with these very direct forms of aggression toward females, the slashing and hacking of social programs that support women and children in this country is appalling.  Deprivation is a very clear and direct form of violence.  The current attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood is just another division of soldiering in this domestic war being wrought here at home.  Gloria Steinem said it best:  “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”  The Church claims it is defending the “civil rights” of the unborn.  How about starting with honoring the real civil rights of the already born?  And, really, before you go, yet again, staking your claims on other peoples’ bodies, I suggest you go back and teach yourselves how to keep your own hands out of children’s panties first.

Yes, it is all about sex and violence (which would, of course, be really all about your own terror and need for control) to you, dear sirs, and we have acquiesced for far too long to that hierarchically- and patriarchally-defined notion of “appropriate relationship.”

In the religious sphere, the reports of the decades-long and widespread practice of pedophilia (and other forms of sexual violence) within the Church have ballooned and what is being uncovered are the long-term denials and collusions (if not direct participation) with such sick activities by clergy at very high levels within the hallowed and sanctimonious hallways of the Church.   Of course, what should we expect from an institution that wrote the Malleus Malificarum and used that text to justify the centuries-long, burning, drowning and dismemberment of millions of people, primarily women and their off-spring, during The Inquisition?  I am not quite sure I get how this is any different than what our soldiers are doing in middle eastern countries at the moment.  There are serious questions regarding the abilities of those wearing robes to be in positions of honoring and protecting the sacred trust of those who depend on them for “spiritual” guidance.  I am not sure what “spiritual texts” they are using currently to justify their perversions, but more victims of their doings are beginning to ask for governmental interventions, as those conducted by the religious institutions themselves are proving to be woefully incompetent or purposefully deceptive.  Although, relying on our current misogynistic political institutions to remedy these matters is hardly a rational choice either at this point in our cultural decay.

Of course, the minions of the mind-numbing, truth-concealing main stream media serve that larger purpose as well.  That famous, media mogul, Mr. Murdoch, is a great example of that witty and communicative (Mercury), charismatic and wealthily sexy (Venus) type gone way too far overboard (Jupiter) with a nefarious agenda (Pluto – spies).  How is that working for you now, sir?  More important, how is it working for us?

These are the kinds of disconnections, lies and secrets that need to be addressed on a large scale.  They are all, collectively, alarmingly lunatic in concept and form.  It is why they are destined to collapse. We will see more extremes of this nature before yang finally exhausts itself and gives way again to yin. There is a teaching in the Tao, which says, “Remember the yang, but stick to the yin.”  It means that, while there are times to use the sword (yang), we must always remain loyal to, and guided by, the principles of the  feminine spirit (yin).  In our current world, we are seeing the final phases of destructive suicide when yin has been completely abandoned and yang has been allowed to wield the sword, unchecked, in all situations, over a long period of time.  The yang will, indeed, consume and destroy itself, as we can see it doing right now.  The unfortunate part is that the lunatics with the swords may take us all with them as they fling themselves over their cliff.  This Super Moon (deep Scorpio Moon with Mars in Virgo in opposition to public Sun/Jupiter) is an ideal time for connecting the dots among all of these seemingly disconnected arenas of activity.

Collectively, we are beginning, hopefully, to realize that there have been far too many “isolated incidents” of any sort in any of these institutions to actually believe they are unusual or accidental.  They are not.  They are part and parcel of the same foundational framework, upon which imbalanced patriarchs built the physical structures and institutions to hold, contain and further their behaviors, as well as the philosophies that conceived them.  Yang within, yang without.  No yin, the being dies.  That is a law of nature and no amount of thrashing or posturing will alter that truth.

And here is where the Pluto in Capricorn can begin to work its deep, fetid magic on us all.  First, we need to recognize the stench here.  It’s seeping out of the windows and under the doorways of those exalted mansions.  There are many, many wounds hidden behind those walls of hierarchical authority and it is time for Calypso/Chiron in Pisces to dissolve the illusion of superiority held within them.  After all, they are just shelters, and we need to pull back the veils and ask: “sheltering what, exactly?” Do remember, however, that in the dictionary, the words fecund and fertile lie very close to each other.  As the saying goes, you cannot get to the fruit of the tree without slogging through some deep s***.   In the end, that fecal matter turns into good, deep, rich earth.

Time to wash clean the wounds hidden behind those high walls.  Time to get out the scrub brushes and antiseptics and feel the healing stings. Not necessarily for those who have perpetrated the abuse, but for those who have found themselves victim to it and been forced, by social/cultural/institutional stigmatization and demand, to smile and play pretend everything is okay.  Everything is not okay.

Under the influence of Calypso/Chiron in Pisces, the dissolution of those bricks and mortars is inevitable.  Water wears away any stone in its path.  Under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, those rusty structures have no choice but to come down.  That is when our collective freedom to enjoy healthy, authentic relationships will begin to rise to the surface.  And that is when we will design and build new structures within which to hold those sacred relationships.

That process will take time, in the same way that water takes its time to shape the physical landscape.  Pluto is in Capricorn until 2024 and Calypso in Pisces until 2025.  This Super Moon, all about sexuality, violence, intimacy, healing, the desire for healthy relationships and institutional/social lies, can serve as a beacon, a landmark on our way to keep our bearings straight.

Our daily efforts along these lines are critically important.  It will take patience and fortitude, and evolve little by little as we traverse this particular constellation of epochal, outer planets.  But if we have the ultimate goal in mind, every step will become easier.  Remember, it really isn’t about us anymore, those of us already allegedly adults.  Our true task is in building the ideas and philosophies, as well as the homes and temples the children being born right now will live and thrive within in the future.  Our only question should be:  what kind of shelter do we wish to leave for them?  I think that should be motivation enough for us to get out our first aid kits and heal up for them.

An Even Bigger Picture

In taking yet another step back, we must remember we are watching the waning of the Age of Pisces.  It began around the time of the christ and the culture of that day chose to allow the solidification of institutional structures under the directives of the Church and its fear-based thought processes. An unfortunate choice by the people, but a very advantageous move on the part of that corporation (which is what churches are).  Two millenia later, we are now witnessing the long term effects of organizing ourselves personally and socially under such fear-based notions.  And those notions, like all institutionalized religions (whether corporate or governmental or militaristic), are dying.  Hopefully, as we take a long, good look at those very deep disturbances, which are rising to the surface like formerly weighted down, bloated bodies, we will realize how much these patriarchs truly steered us all wrong if we want to understand true spirituality and humanity.

The Age of Aquarius is dawning and we must exercise care in how we enter into it.  It has the capacity, like all Aquarians do, to bestow the gifts of non-selfish, creative support of, and participation in, a much larger notion of community.  That is the brilliance of this (and those born under it) sign.  There will, indeed, be many of those from the old philosophical structures ready at hand to delude us into following them and thinking we are doing something different.  Many of these are to be found in the current new wage movement.  They, too, will find themselves without an audience as a truly New Age opens up, one that recognizes the authority of every one of us over our own hearts and minds and our innate ability to find them on our own.

 A true master rejoices when his/her hall has been emptied of its students/followers.  It means they are out seeking the truth for themselves and the master has bestowed nothing more than common sense.  True success in any spiritual guidance  is found in working one’s way out of the job (not promoting more books, CD’s, DVD’s and worthless weekend workshops on “enlightenment”).  Great care and discernment must be exercised before following anyone’s philosophy or actions, as any good, rebellious Aquarian knows.  Put down the books, stop sitting at the feet of fraudulent gurus, go home to your friends and family and start becoming an honest, honorable and decent human being.  It really is as simple as that.

Just as the age of Pisces twisted the sacred aspects of our collective spiritualities into distorted institutions, so do we also have the potential to do the same with the mental gifts of Aquarius.  Like them, we can become collective, communal geniuses, or we can become our own future mental madmen.  So, as we move out of the age of insane religiosity and into the realms of mental clarity, we need to very much question our motivations, the stability of our minds and the soundness of our ideas with our larger community before we do anything or try to pretend we are acting in someone else’s best interests.  The secret is to ask.

That’s the thematic at play here.  Now go take mundane advantage of the potent dynamics of this Super Moon at all levels of its meaning.

** Sharp-eyed students are going to say, “but the Moon and Mars are not really in sextile.”  And, indeed, if we use the more standard orbs of  influence for smaller planets (around 6°-ish), those sharp-eyeds would be correct.  Years ago, however, I had a teacher who said that sometimes, when we note that some planets want to be in orb, or that they are screaming out for a relational consideration (even though they may not be fitting our geometric exactitudes) we need to push the envelope a bit.  And that is what I have done here.  Entirely subjective choice and other astrologers would disagree with me.  And, in conventional terms, they would be correct.

The Moon and Mars are, in fact, at 10° of orb at the exact time of the Super Moon.  That is, indeed, outside of regular bounds.  At dawn of this same day, however, they were in exact sextile and their influence over the growing day remains significant, in my mind, setting a tone that extends to the Super Moon in the evening.

This is why astrology is a beautiful practice – a wonderful example of the integration of science and art.  We find different interpretations of the sky above us, which is a constantly moving abstract expressionistic painting that conforms to sacred geometries, in the hands of different astrologers.  And that is rich and creative.


2. ibid.


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