April 21, 2012: The Lyrids

Tonight is just a night to take a break from heavy meaning and simply enjoy the peak of the Lyrid meteor showers.  Get out there under the stars.  Invite your close companions, spread out your blankets and chaise lounges and lie down together and watch.  Hot tea and chocolate are highly recommended for sharing in the wonder and awe of our physical universe.  It’s depth and breadth is truly amazing to behold and, tonight, fireworks from heaven will, indeed ensue.

This is the kind of event, one long forgotten, during which we can gather with and around each other, telling stories into the darkness while waiting for the show to ensue.  Don’t worry about dozing off as your friends and family will nudge you awake when the time is right.  These are times of gathering around a central point and which, years later, we sit around the table and tell the stories of our lives together.  Tonight is one of those nights during which the stuff of which real, living, breathing memories are made.  They are the activities that form the foundation of sharing those moments of “remember when?”

“Remember when that night we were all under the comforter in the grass, watching the Lyrid showers, and you said, “de dah, de dah, de dah?”  Or whatever.  It doesn’t matter whether it was your new crush in sixth grade, or that home run you made the day before, or the sweet smell of April grass that sprang up under your feet that morning.  Or the new puppy in the cardboard box you got as a birthday present.

It doesn’t matter.  And, yet, it does matter.

Tonight is one of those nights during which we tell our innermost secrets to our best friend under the darkness of the new moon, or hold our partner’s hand of twenty years and realize it feels like the very first time we ever held hands, or parents receiving that special, hoped-for phone call when their own children announced they were expecting a brand new child into the world.  And those who are solitaries will know also the deeply satisfying feeling of silence in our personal witnessing of the bonfire of the stars.  All manner of experience and being are embraced here, under the whirling of the impartial cosmos.

Tonight is one of those nights during which thrills and sorrows and individual tales are embraced and traced among the turning motions of the universe. It does turn, with or without us.  I prefer the joining with experience, personally.  Whether as a soloist or as a communal sort, let those collective images mark your soul.  That brand runs deep, into many future lifetimes.

So, get out there and be with them, those very small rocks that enter into our atmosphere and burn up and die, creating celestial markings in their wake.  They are called the Lyrids because they emanate from the constellation Lyra.  A lyre is a stringed instrument of the harp family, used in ancient Greece to accompany a singer or a poet.  So let the music of the spheres delight and enlighten the senses.

These meteor showers (and showers also mean cleansing) will happen with or without you, though they will be far more happy and honored if you care to join the dance.   The dance of their life and death within the atmospheric womb of our earth.  That is what they, and we, are here for.

And, indeed, they will miss you if you refuse the invitation to the ball.  It is all so vast and wide and uncertain, I know.  But, I also know, well, they notice.  They notice whether you decided to show up or not.  No judgement at all.  But they do notice.

Midnight to sunrise.  There’s the window of opportunity tonight.  Here in the southwest, it’s clear skies all around with no moon.  The scene should be vivid and direct, to say the least.  We can expect about 20 sightings an hour.

For those of you under cloudy skies, no matter where you are, remember this:  clouds diffuse light.  They spread a softer vibration across a larger landscape and so, do infuse the light of heaven across a wider horizon.  The breadth or limitation of your own imaginations are the only things that stand between you and the universe.

Get out there and let yourself be seen by the light of those celestial fireworks.  They do rejoice each time they light up your face.  They do see you in their sparklers.

Let them revel in you and so also let yourself find your own revelations within them.  That is the power of the universe.  The place where the true book of Revelations was written, not by the hands of men, but by the ethereal and universal love of the sacred.

That true and simple revelation is, no more and no less, the light of the divine shining within the darkness.  No books, no robes, no buildings nor institutions are necessary for you to know it.  It is just, simply, the universal shining itself  upon and through the small bodies of all of us.  It holds within its gifting hand the essence of joy and it is part and parcel being a human being.  Accept its extended hand to you.

Go out under the stars and hear her sermon.

And then go and sleep well.

Enjoy . . . hopefully, for a long time to come.



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  1. #1 by ladyfi on April 26, 2012 - 11:40 PM

    A wonderful reminder to enjoy the beauty of nature, which is – essentially – the beauty of life.

    • #2 by sistertongue on April 27, 2012 - 8:51 AM

      Yes, it is really quite simple, in the end. And good at times to put down all of our trines and squares and quincunxes on the computer screen and go and actually SEE them moving under the night skies.

      Which is what I usually do. First, I see a planet in a constellation or near the moon overhead, then I go and get the details (degrees and such) on my computer. That’s technology serving nature, not the other way around, as is usually the case in our modern times. We need to start reversing that trend.
      Hope you enjoyed the showers.

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