Happy Vernal Equinox and New Moon

Sun Enters Aries/Vernal Equinox March 19 10:14PM MST

New Moon in Aries: March 22 at 6:37AM MST

New beginnings, new intentions and new horizons open always on a New Moon, though this one, as every year, marks the time of planting the seeds we want to harvest in the Fall.  The Equinox and New Moon coinciding so closely gives us extra bang for our reflective buck as the Sun is beginning its round of the zodiac again and the New Moon demands quietude in setting our direction for the season and the year.

The Ram signals his time to generate new energy in the early Spring, with hope and prayers that Nature will bestow her gifts upon his efforts in order that the desires and visions of this time shall come to fruition.  Without her blessing, none of his efforts has meaning.  He provides the drive and structure and she bestows the spiritual essence found within each unfolding moment.

In our current global transition into a very different time ahead, a renewal for the respect for the power of quality between yin and yang, for the royalty and sovereignty of both the feminine and masculine that existed in our pre-history is important to cultivate and revere.  When we are able to recognize the correct relationship between our dual selves, the way opens and traveling is easy.  Our dual selves, so necessary for the establishment and maintenance of all life, are, indeed, in need of serious healing and attention.

The positive is always found within the negative and our purpose is to embrace and look deeply within what appears to be adversity to find the pearl.  Those unable to take in the seemingly unfavorable will find themselves unable to deal with what is to come, contrary to current, popular new age beliefs where all is supposed to be seen through rose-colored glasses.  They will be left behind and those who have the capacity to acknowledge and sit with the darkness of their own and others’ souls will lead the way into a new light.  Denial will get us nowhere.

The current exposure of the extraordinarily misogynistic stance of racist, white, mostly male, conservative fundamentalists sprouting all over our country is actually our collective blessing in disguise.  Neanderthal attitudes are poison to the new garden that wants to grow and it is quite startling to realize that these alleged homo sapiens still have the capacity to regress to such animalistic levels.  These are the weeds which must be rooted out if humanity has any chance of a future worth living is to be realized.

Sun Enters Aries

The Sun entering Aries finds the Moon sitting right in between Calypso and Chiron in Pisces.  This is an arrangement made in heaven for those willing to dive deep into the inner heart of themselves (Moon), which is to be found in the murky depths of our oceanic, spiritual/emotional selves.  The feminine side is wanting and deserving of our attention at this time.  This conjunction is semi-sextile Venus/Jupiter conjunct in Taurus and our focus would be well-directed to contemplations of how our deepest, most authentic selves may become manifest within the physicality of our doing and being on the planet.  Beauty, sensuality and great good fortune can come to pass if we attend to the deep, emotional work we have on our plate first.

The feminine Moon/Calypso/Chiron conjunction is in opposition to the masculine Mars in Virgo and there may be some difficulty in maintaining our attentions on the more vulnerable aspects of ourselves.  We can, however, use the opposition to harness the directed energies of Mars in practical Virgo, thus realizing the benefits of the Trine between Mars and Jupiter/Venus in Taurus.  Of course, the third arm of the Grand Trine is in Pluto in Capricorn, which also is sextiling the Moon/Calypso/Chiron conjunction and the task remains bringing up our deepest secrets and fears from the ocean floor onto the deck of our explorational ship.  Saturn in Libra (retrograde) is also sextile Mars and a review of our relationships as part of our re-orientation to our world is definitely part of the mix, though to a lesser degree than the Spirit/Earth dynamic involved in the Grand Trine.

Uranus and Mercury (retrograde) square Pluto, so we could find ourselves or others blabbing a bit too loudly about those vulnerable secrets, exposing them a bit to harshly to the light of day.  On the other hand, they can also serve the same function for us as the exposure of our culturally dysfunctional ways of thinking outlined above.

So dive into Spring, but think about what and how you want to say things before you open your mouth.  Unconscious exuberance (Pluto/Uranus) could get us into trouble with Mercury retrograde.

New Moon Rising

At dawn on the 22nd, when the Sun and Moon take to their intimate chambers together for union and conception, we find a stellium of planets in Aries in the 12th house (Mountain Time).  This is the stuff of which our coming “child” shall be made:  the alchemy of elements at hand in fashioning the clay that will form the pillars of that which we want to create and realize.  The general placement of the four planets in Aries in this house alone is highly conducive to the activities of reviewing the past (past lifetimes as well as current cycles), sorting out what we need to keep and what to cast off, and setting course for new avenues of expression and being.

The stellium in Aries indicates an extraordinary amount of vigor to the process.  Sun, Moon Mercury and Uranus are conjunct here and this can be a time of explosive, expansive change.  This strong, collective and cumulative (each planet has, indeed, been progressing to this meeting) vibration, however, should also serve as a caution to avoid going overboard lest one find oneself in a shattered heap after too much activity.  Mercury retrograde underscores such a caution. The bombshell does, indeed, end out in fragments if not handled with care and that is the warning for this New Moon.  And, because the setting of this fuse occurs in the dark of the Moon, its effects and consequences will not be fully apprehended until the Full Moon in Libra on April 6.  Do take advantage of the high energy of the New Moon, but also recognize the energetic created now will be discharged fully at Full Moon.

Chiron in the Calypso/Chiron conjunction is in exact opposition to Mars in Virgo on the 22nd and this requires special attention to old, hidden wounds that need acknowledgement and care as the New Moon expresses its conceptual function.

Sun, Moon and Uranus (and Mercury trailing behind at the very outskirts of this orb of influence) are squaring Pluto in Capricorn, so we could end out feeling yanked into a level of uncomfortable consciousness about ourselves, perhaps leaving us feeling naked and exposed.  Remember, that is all okay as long as we have developed the capacity to be comfortable within our own flesh and to maintain our equipoise even when under the harsh gaze or words of less conscious entities – institutional or personal.

Make the most of this Spring season and its high energy.  Do keep your sights on the long term, however, which will help keep the energy in check.  Imagine the end/beginning of the Vernal Equinox one year from now and build toward that harvest.  Such a vision will easily calm any current energies that can go overboard at present.


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