Half Moon March 14, 2012

The Grand Trine in the Earth signs is moving into exactitude at the Waning Half Moon. Time to enjoy grounding and disruption as one and the same. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, respectively) ensures our focus is with the practical and mundane expression of ourselves on the earth plane.  Find your center and follow it, without hesitation and doubt.  This is where heaven and earth meet.

Mars is in retrograde, as well as in a waning moon phase, so the point here is to let down our sails, regroup and contemplate all that came to fruition during the Full Moon and to stay with reflection and non-action right now. The waters are going still, the wind is going slack.  No new projects for the moment.

Review is key here. What happened at that Full Moon and what needs to occur to finish that work and to move into silence and darkness as the New Moon approaches is the order of the day.  Once the accomplishments of the Full Moon are recognized and brought to their conclusion (here through the waning moon) the New Moon is ready to instruct us in silent space for our next move forward.

We are, indeed, in a constant state of change, and the yin waning moon here (emphasized by Mercury retrograde) gives us ample time not only to reflect, but also to finish the fine points of our Full Moon before moving on to a new cycle, preparing us for the unknown held firmly within the arms of the coming New Moon.  New Moon date is March 22nd.  Sun enters Aries this year on March 19th, so this coming New Moon will contain all of the emotional power of Pisces and the physical power of planting as the Sun enters into the sign of growth and planting.  New seeds are at the forefront right now, but only through reflection and endings

Closing and ending our efforts of the previous cycle is the focus here, as well as moving toward setting our intentions during the coming New Moon, one week from now. When we close and complete, we open ourselves to what will be forthcoming on the next moon cycle, beginning in the deep void of the New and culminating with the Full.

At this Half Moon, Calypso and Chiron in Pisces are sextile Jupiter/Venus in Taurus. This is a gorgeous time to sink into emotion, desire, spiritual hope and how they may all become transformed into physical reality for us. In looking at our past structures for relationship (whether business or personal) and in honoring and letting go of our past ego ties of emotional traumas and wounds, we find our way forward.  Cleanse in order to make room for the new.

Spring heralds bold moves forward, but here, in waning moon time, the exercise is to review and reflect. What went on for you during the darkness of Winter? What changes came about in that down time? How to navigate forward?

Time to FEEL into the movements of the last year and to process them all so that we can move into the new planting time of the next year for renewed growth and strength. This spring, with these earth/water, practical/emotional alignments, we are more likely to be able to understand the changes over the past year and to set our course for a new one, which shall come to fruition next Spring. Imagine yourself a year from now and how you wish to be. This is a fortunate time, what with the Grand Trine and Calypso/Chiron sextiling that Trine, to honor your past self, your deepest self and to imagine your future holistic self.

Empty yourself, so that you may become full again and grow toward your authenticity. This is the purpose of each cycle in the spiral of time. New Moon to Full and back again.  Honoring those cycles is how we come to know our true selves, within and of them.


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