Full Moon March 8, 2012

This Full Moon, at 1:39AM PST, should inspire a very beautiful, resonant sound in all of us.  At its exactitude, we have a Grand Trine in the Earth signs:  Moon/Mars in Virgo in the 8th house, Jupiter/Venus in Taurus in the 4th house and Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st.  And all held within the open palm of the Sun in Pisces/Calypso, goddess and knower of deep emotion and the hidden depths of our souls.

Astronomically, the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus through the month of March (exact on March 13 at about 10PM PST) will be the most spectacular for years to come.  They both appear together even now very brightly in the Western sky just after sunset – two beacons of beauty and benevolence that are stunning to see.  They will remain visible through the month of March and will return as lovers again in May when they take up their duet in Gemini, but more on that later.

Jupiter and Venus together are always the dance partners of abundance, opportunity, growth (Jupiter) mixed with material possessions, connection and culture (Venus).  Thinking largely and expansively in these areas is what this pairing is all about.  Venus in Taurus, its native sign, lends great weight to looking at the seeds we are planting and how those sprouts are going to come up in the fullness of verdant spring just a month or two away.  A cornucopia of beauty and expansion is on the table and the feast has begun.  Taurus loves sensuous pleasures and comfort, basking on the moist grasses of fertility and Venus in Jupiter is about an expanding our horizons and filling our coffers with that which can give us those sensations.

In our materialistic world, unfortunately, we have come to associate abundance with the possession of things. As we all know, with Pluto in Capricorn, those old structures of organization and meaning are destined to collapse. I know, we all want to say, “say it ain’t so,” but it is so. The abundance our culture has trained us to believe in – material goods as evidence of our “wealth,” is going to give way, particularly under the watery influence of Pisces and her ruler, Calypso (conventional,  hierarchically and patriarchally oriented astrologers still refer to the ruler as Neptune and I am in the midst of writing a future piece on this topic. The ruler of deep emotions and spiritual depths is obviously female and the misnomer needs to be rectified).

As we all know, Calypso is going to be traversing Pisces until 2025 and her influence of dissolving and rusting away of past value systems is going to be on the table for many years.  The principles that have made our current system go for so long are going to end out in the junk pile.  As we also know, Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024, working her destructive forces on the very bricks and mortar of our previous foundational frameworks.  Future astro-anthropologists will look back on this era as the Pluto/Calypso era, an epochal time when the literal and figurative face of humanity changed dramatically and rapidly.  We have the opportunity here in March and over the next 13 years, to literally change our entire mythology and cultural base of operations, both personally and globally.  We need to.

Think about what papers and belongings you are going to leave behind for those future astro-archeologists to find and ponder over as they look back at this important era.  What will your personal contributions to this time be?  How will you want future, unknown people to consider your time here, based on the fragments you leave for discovery?  These considerations are what are going to count in the long run, once we let go of the self.  And therein lies the ever-present paradox so familiar to students of eastern philosophies.  Our very notions of the “haves” and the “have nots” are going to be completely re-defined over the next 13 years.  Start re-defining them individually.  Right now.  This full moon is a grand time/trine to do so.

Pisces is the arena for ego-less explorations into the spiritual self.  She inspires our altruism, self-less giving, healing qualities and instructs us through our dreams and visions.  This is an excellent time, with Jupiter/Venus conjuncting, to expand our imaginative futures and earth them down into a sprouting reality (Taurus).  March is very much a microcosm of the larger transitional shift in human consciousness and our relationship to leading meaningful lives as individuals and as communities interwoven with each other.  The new moon in Calypso, just entering Sun in Pisces on February 21, kicked off this hermetic period of time and this upcoming full moon is going to underline and punch up our tasks at hand.  Re-visioning our smaller and larger futures from the perspective of the Spirit and Soul, rather than the individual ego, are the orders of the day.  And this small month can take us far into our future.

We do, however, also need to look at ourselves as a cultural phenomenon, which is all america and her inhabitants actually are.  As americans used to far too much material abundance in comparison with so many of our brothers and sisters on the planet, I suggest dropping the notion of bank accounts, cars and mortgages (it is debt ownership, not home ownership) as the sources of self-identity from here on in, because those things are going to come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho and/or dissolved like sandcastles on an open beach.  Our debts to the planet are, indeed, huge.  Those very superficial and transient objects of “success” have bound us all within extraordinarily limited ideas of our own potential and our liberation from the “things” themselves, as well as from the stultifying theories and concepts that gave birth to them (which are of a distinctly patriarchal and hierarchical left-brain mindset) is a necessary part of our ability (or not) to move forward into a new consciousness.

The bigger picture for americans is to recognize ourselves as simply one among 7 billion people, all with the same hopes and dreams, difficulties and concerns as any other person.  Westerners need to learn to cultivate the truth:  that we really aren’t anything terribly special at all and we are no more entitled nor deserving of abundance than anyone else.  Once we allow this fact to penetrate our brain, the magic of spiritual abundance can begin to take over our lives.  We aren’t even close to being there yet and, in fact americans are way behind the rest of the planet in their collective self-awareness.  That is true for republicans to new agers to fundamentalist christians to zen buddhists to liberal leftists alike.  So far, we’re pretty clueless.

Jupiter and Venus bring us the most beneficial opportunity to expand our horizons of awareness and ours is to use that portal well, with an eye toward the greatest good for all in mind.  All things oppressive must go and our herd mentality, no matter the philosophy nor spiritual tenets within which oppression is often disguised, must go also.

Moon and Mars are within a 7º orb of each other in Virgo during this Full Moon.  Moon/Mars conjunctions always indicate a tendency for emotions to run high, as Mars is crossing aggressively into our most secret, internal selves.  Much can get triggered for us, particularly with the Moon in Virgo, the ultimate perfectionist of the astrological wheel. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is exacting and analytical in nature and a Moon in her territory is always going to be quite touchy if things do not meet her expectations of beauty (her beauty, as opposed to Venus’ would run towards a balanced mathematical equation rather than the decor of a room).  Now, with the Moon full and Mars getting ready to meet up with the Moon, caution is necessary.  There is a very high possibility of over reaction to mundane events.  Do focus on the internal questions of the heart and mind at this time, particularly since they are forming a wonderful Trine to that abundant Jupiter/Venus conjunction.  Just don’t get caught in a momentary, ego-filled tantrum when the world isn’t going according to your idea of how it should be at the moment.  People with natal Moon in Virgo should be even more aware of such tendencies.  They make fantastic, exacting and trustworthy accountants, but you don’t want them to have any interactions with the staff, as heads usually roll when that last decimal place isn’t filled in correctly.

Pluto in Capricorn is anchoring the other side of the Trine.  As we all know, Pluto in Cap is going to be with us for the next twelve years, uncovering and digging out of our personal, private graveyards all the individual, family and cultural secrets we have hidden beneath the dirt (Trine in Earth signs is a good time for digging up our own dirt as the rocks and boulders will be at a minimum or easily moved).  In this Trine formation, this process can be utilized fruitfully, as the unearthing can be very easy, forming wonderful, open relations with the other two points of the triangle.  Imagining one’s self as a spiritual archeologist, aiming to bring important artifacts to the surface for the furtherance of human development is a good way to approach this aspect.

Yes, mud is gooey and sticky and, depending on the terrain, fetid and swampy.  But it does yield amazing treasures if we get in there with our trowels.  And some of those deeply feared artifacts will likely end out in the future Temple of Human Potential Fulfilled as testaments to our ability to ground down and do the work we need to do to make our transition from oppressive, patriarchally-organized brain structures into the holistic mind humanity was meant to enjoy.  Again, we aren’t even close yet.  That’s where feminine Calypso, ruler of the right-brain abstract, impressionistic self needs to be re-discovered and revered in our culture, which has not yet happened, much to our peril.

Our Trine here turns out to be actually a lovely kite, grounded by the conjunction of Calypso and Chiron, which have just passed their conjunction with the Sun and are in opposition to that tricky Moon/Mars conjunction.  Testy Moon/Mars is being anchored into emotional healing of a higher order for us, if we can just keep our heads out of the sand and look up instead of laterally at each other and our dramas unfolding on the mundane level.  The Trine becomes ever more focussed on the depths of our feelings, immersion in our spiritual identities and our individual and collective wounds that need healing in order to free ourselves into the expansive awareness and abundance the Trine will bestow upon us.

We also cannot leave our astrological scene without noting that Mercury and Uranus are conjuncting in Aries.  Aries is the conceiver, the seed sower and the embodiment of desire to self-create.  She packs a nice sparkling punch.  Within her arena, we have Mercury and Uranus dancing around together.  Mercury represents the vital, curious human brain and Uranus the infinite Cosmic Mind.  New, explosive ideas are in the air, further fueled by Aries’ passionate fire for self-knowing and self-expression.  Mercury retrogrades on the 12th (through April 4th) and this period is a good one to go back and retrieve all of those passionate ideas and ground them down into the Trine going on through March.  Mercury will swing well back into Pisces during her retrograde and this is where we will find a great deal of usefulness in letting go of old emotional wounds that have inhibited our ability to move forward into a much larger sense of ourselves and our potentials in a larger and more expanded world (versus personal) view.  Aries is going to want to go for the “me, me, me” aspect of ourselves, though the true and higher capability we are asked to cultivate here is the “we, we, we” one.

Expansion through letting go is truly the key throughout March and into our much longer Calypso/Pluto season, though it will only be achieved if we allow ourselves to work our way through our own uhrsprings of self. The right attitude is critical.  This isn’t a chore, it’s play. This is the Earth Trine/Water Sign dance and, yes, it does make mud. Do remember that the words fecal and fecund lie very close to each other in the dictionary.  Look up their concrete definitions in the dictionary; metaphorically, their pairing means you have to walk through some serious sh** before you get to the good fruit.  And that’s the theme for Marchh. So, get out your Wellies during this transitional time (or better, go barefoot), get out there in the puddles and enjoy the astrological weather.


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