Of Dreams, Calypso and Humanity

I awoke last night out of a dream in which I experienced myself as nothing more than a small point of awareness passing through a very brief moment in a particular time in history. Like a small stone passing through our atmosphere.  It wasn’t an intellectual realization, but, rather, a kinesthetic and right brain sensation of understanding.  A very pleasant, soft knowing of becoming nothing.  We strive so often and work so hard here to become something and forget the entire point is to become its opposite.  We spend so much time thinking about the world after we are gone and yet, seem never to contemplate the fact that the world has been for billions of years before we ever were.  And it did just fine without us, individually and collectively.  I think we would all do better if we were to contemplate that larger time frame, rather than our own.

At any rate, such musings are not new and others have written of similar matters before.  What was a turning point for me was that one inside of which the gap between intellectual knowledge and kinesthetic wisdom is bridged.  That bridge arrived not in the throes of full dream time, but inside that twilight of half-awake/half-asleep space where an easy flow of stream of consciousness can be experienced.  It is the space within which the mind can heal itself:  allowing the connections between the abstract, non-verbal, right brain realms and the concrete, linear left brain arena to intertwine and weave themselves into the Holistic Mind.

This kind of healing and union between our bicameral selves is quite critical at this juncture of our development as a species, as our continued survival is by no means guaranteed.  Particularly if we continue to vehemently pursue, as we do, the truncated world of the left-brained structures inside of which we are required to function.  The state of which I speak is the one ruled by the Goddess of all Waters, Calypso.  I am well aware that most conventionally-blinded, limited astrologers will protest and correct me, saying this is Neptune.  It isn’t, as anyone with clear eyes can see.  The oceans and waters of emotional depth and spirituality are the womb of the feminine.  Her role here, as is true of so many of our female leaders, has been masked by the ridiculous assignation of a male god here for centuries.  Time for that falsehood to be done away with.  Calypso will play a profound role for humanity as we transition into a new frame of existence of the next seven years.

The state of twilight I am talking about is not lucid dreaming, a state in which one has achieved REM sleep and the dreaming state and the dreamer becomes aware that he/she is dreaming.  That is an entirely different state of knowledge/wisdom seeking altogether.  The state I am talking about I do call the twilight and it is most similar to that state wherein one is stricken with a high fever and is forced to take to one’s bed for several days of complete rest.  There, like a small animal taking refuge in its small den in a suspended state of animation, the person enters into a similar state.  Curtains are drawn, covers are pulled over the head the room is kept warm and copious amounts of fluids are given to the “patient.”  Such is the healing quality of Calypso, such are the realms of her influence.  Not asleep, not awake, simply buried in the dark caverns of consciousness outside the structure of daily routine.  In that space images, visions, conversations, paintings, theories, novels, revelations and other states of heightened awareness are allowed to be birthed and to take form and substance inside our imaginations, which are vast oceans of untapped intellectual/emotional/spiritual feeding grounds for humans.

In allowing ourselves to consciously and effortlessly float out in that twilight territory, we find new worlds and ways of being can be created and maintained.  It is an essential part of human activity, though our cultural structures have long deprived us of its benefits.  It is, in my opinion, why people do get sick:  so that they can partake of that infinite place.  I often advise that people do not wait until they are actually physically sick to do this but, rather, take their “sick” time to spend several days in this place of deep wellness.  That deep well is indescribably nurturing and renewing.  These are the caverns of divine inspiration, the breath that gives all things life.  Her womb is that of Calypso, who swirls those worlds in her scrying bowl.  If we do not nurture ourselves within her cup of waters on a regular basis, our spiritual overseers step in to intervene at often curious and inconvenient times to ensure that we do.  That is why we get sick.  Stop us in our tracks, lay us down like dogs.

At this time, we should in fact be taking to our beds, en masse, and into the dreaming world.  An aboriginal womb cave for shamanic trance induction and our own nest of sheets and blankets and pillows into which we can burrow into our underground territories are, indeed, one and the same, serving the same purposes in accessing the wisdom of the abstract, impressionistic realms of the right brain functions.  The world of Calypso and her strange communications.  Imagine that communication like the soundings of whales and dolphins.  Let those clicks and songs tell your entire body what it is you need to know.

Given the constant pressures and stresses that the left brain-oriented world requires of us in order to serve its needs, our right brain capacities have become atrophied over time.  They have become further stunted by the pharmacological equivalent of mass destruction: pills, pills and more pills rained down upon the population in order to keep us propped up and ready at our work stations.  Sleeping pills that do not allow one to dream, stimulant pills that result in carcinomas, blood pressure pills that induce strokes, etc.  Keep them functioning until they keel over permanently.  That is the name of their game.  Amidst it, our right brain functions are continuing to diminish.  It is absolutely essential to our survival as a species to regain our right brain capacities.  Without them, we shall descend back to the level of our primate brethren still struggling to achieve full bi-pedalism.  So, first thing, stop doing all the things that necessitate all those drugs; then get rid of the drugs.  And then start dreaming again.

Previous generations of humanity understood this twilight/dreamtime state, where reason and imagination marry, very well.  They understood it the way a singular person understands the shape and texture of her own hands.  Taking such states as natural ones, they would not think of documenting their existence anymore than a person would think of spending an entire essay describing his own fingers.  Just because it is not written down does not mean it is not there.  And, indeed, access to those states gave our ancestors the ability to hold and maintain humanity’s relationship with the sacred.  That relationship has long since been defiled and is a direct result of our loss of capacity to enter into sacred dream states on a regular basis.

Part of our revival is to cultivate a deep appreciation for negative space, just as an artist does.  It is there, in what is not there, that we will find the parts of our history and our own beings vital to reviving ourselves and moving on to more integrative states of being in our waking life.  It is difficult to know what we seek when it is rendered invisible to us.  That is the profound ability of the right brain, abstract, metaphysical realm we need to re-consecrate within ourselves.  It was there, deep in our past, deep in our veins, deep in the minds that stir in the oceans of our twilight of waking and sleeping.  She is there, still, despite her banishment to that negative space over eons.  Find her, cultivate her, let her move through you and for you.

Letting go of the concretized, linear left brain structures of our global structures is a requirement.  We need to regain the authentic, kinesthetic awareness of real, physical exhaustion in order to arrive at that place and enter into its temple.  Sitting all day at computers or in cars achieves the exact opposite of that: it induces stagnation, anxiety, insomnia and a seriously diminished capacity to access the right brain of humanity.  Over-spinning our left brains constantly on mental calculations and problem-solving (those very “problems” paradoxically created by over-spinning our left brains in a never-ending cycle of a problem-solution feedback loop).  These mental gyrations are created by the hand of man – and, yes, I am using the masculine very purposefully here.  We have a totally burned out left brain and a completely unknown right brain on our hands.   That imbalance must be corrected and our failure to do so comes at our peril.  This imbalance has resulted in the loss of relationship and connection between those two partners found in the corpus callosum.  That’s the heart of the matter.

Learning to turn off and seriously moderate the over-functioning left brain and learning to turn on the underutilized and stunted right brain is the order of the day.  It will transform not only our relationships of thinking and commerce, but our intimate ones as well.

Stop consuming.  Things.  Those are the addictions of the left brain out of control.  Calypso is all about addictions and gaining mastery over them so that they do not rule us.  Our collective consumerism is a major addiction for all of us.  Once one stops consuming, owning, possessing, one needs to work for diseased corporations a lot less.  One becomes less dependent on those external sources for self-definition; the source we have been pursuing is the cycle of money/slavery so necessary to the functioning of those dysfunctional, sociopathic corporations.  Do not enter into debt relationships, whether financial or human.  If you are in one, get out as fast as is possible.  No mortgage means more free time.  No drama means more space to enter into inspired visioning.  Spend that time and space well:  at home or out in nature, imbibing the substances of the real and authentic.  Alcohol and other artificial drugs are not real and authentic, so do not take that route.  Garden, make things, paint, cook, be with loved ones, knit, play games, get in your bed and dream.  None of these things come with high interest rates or enslaving contracts to banks or other institutions.

Make negative space in your life:  Calypso and her watery realms promise the discovery of higher visions and dreams that may come to humanity when we give way to it.


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