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The Naked Truth

This is the truth for which no one need pay an astrologer.  It is what anyone in full possession of their own common sense has had the ability to discern for a very long time.  The suicidal/homocidal sociopaths calling the shots are winding up for the final pitch of the human season.

And, the closer they and we push ourselves to the brink of extinction, the louder and more obvious they will become.

THIS is the reason we should be marching in the streets, because if this occurs, our american collective childish boo hooing  over our wall street losses boo boos won’t matter one hoot.  Those little pieces of paper they’ve all been whining about will just become  part of the large pile of ashes left behind in the nuclear winter of our discontents.

In fact, it has been my opinion from the beginning that the attention heaped on the OWS movement has been a huge main stream media distraction from the agenda of much more lethal purpose.

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A Quiet New Year

While most of America stuffs itself with its over abundance of wants, things, desires and self-importance, makes all kinds of noises about its alleged level of intelligence, comments on political races made up of people who should actually be laughed off the stage if we had any sense, and sits, mesmerize, by all the news of international, political and football battles and such, I happened upon this video.

It captures the true predicament we have made for ourselves and the “collateral damage” of our participation in all of it with our own people and within our own selves, right here at home.  Time to explore the borders of our own internal landscapes at a more adult level.  As within, so without.

In light on the journey.

Click below for the video.

A Voice in the Desert

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