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The Day After The End: Star Chart for October 29, 2011

It is time for a bit of grounding and re-orienting in concrete astrological cartography here after several entries of more generalized metaphysical journeys.  I have chosen the configuration for dawn of the day after the prediction of our alleged end, presumably October 28, 2011.  Many will have spent the prior evening at parties rivaling the revelries of New Years Eve celebrations in New York.  Among the german people, the proper wish to make to someone on that final day of the year is “Schoene Ruetsch.”  To “ruetsch” is to slide and the saying is meant to wish you a “happy slide” down into the new year.   The image of children and adults climbing into red sleds in the dark, all bundled up in mittens and hats and sweaters, making the final run toward the hill and jumping in the back for the big ride down into an unseen, open expanse of whiteness, has always delighted my own senses.  It takes the serious edge off the whole affair and I personally would rather travel through it with laughter and a light heart, rather than the usual anticipation of having to confront all of the puritanical plans and promises and unreasonable goals we made for ourselves that we are most likely to break and to fail.

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Time is Busy These Days: Is the End Really Nigh?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”  Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Here we are, in the final days of the end of an ancient, indigenous calendar, at least in the calculated view of a north american white male who decided that his  new and improved interpretation of another culture’s work is, of course, the correct one.  Because it’s “real science” of course, sifted and purified by the sieves and structures of mathematical equations and derivations scratched out on blank sheets of white paper and mental somersaults conducted inside square rooms full of volumes of similar mental chatter.  It’s the story of the cowboys versus the indians, once again.

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Tales from the Scrypt: Stumbling Out onto the Road

“I am the hero of my own story.”  Mary Macarthy

Answering the Call to the Hero’s Journey

I have finally landed on the other side – released the “pause button,” as it were, though the landing and becoming have required sufficient time and space to find each other and form the beginning steps of the dance of the narrative they are meant to create together.  I am now five weeks into a vision quest I decided to take because, well, vision questing has been the overall narrative of my life thus far and I found myself needing, once again, to acquiesce to its seemingly irrational rhyme and reason.  Such calls to meanderings have, and continue to, confound me, though the unwrapping of their gifts and treasures I know always lasts far into future . . . most often into lifetimes.

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