The Day After

Looks like we all survived Elenin and can wish each other good morning yet again on our planet. This alleged event allows us to practice our highest spiritual discipline – that of discernment.  Much was written about this event, which amounted to nothing and, yet, it very well could have.  Learning to research, listen, explore possibilities and entertain them all without opinion, agenda or concern is the art of the seeker. Through it, we learn to empower ourselves by exploring and learning to trust our own judgment in the midst of rumor, innuendo and potential chaos.

So, we have lived through the exercise of learning how to live with The Way, that very elusive and esoteric Taoist state of entrusting ourselves to ourselves and the uncertain and constant mysteries of the Cosmos. Nothing is lost in such an exercise.  It is, in fact,  a very worthwhile journey we have all taken together in learning to listen to our own internal voice and following it, no matter what it was any one of us chose to do in the face of it.

Welcome to our post-Elenin world reality. Regardless of the final outcome here, it has, indeed, energetically altered all of us in the ways we needed.  Reflection on what this event meant to you and the discoveries you have made now on the other side of it is well worth the effort.  Such nodal points, whether real, imaginary or simply anxiously anticipated, allow us to scratch ever deeper below the surface of what we think we know of ourselves and the world around us.

In light.

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