The Burning Moon

Here where I live, we haven’t had to wait for the lunar eclipse for daily views of a blood red moon.  The burning of the Wallow Fire in Arizona has covered our landscape, two hundred miles away, with a haze that floats like the breath of ghosts around the low trees and shrubs of the high desert of the Southwest.  It blots out even the slightest hint of an outline of the sacred mountains here and the land is transformed into a mist that I imagine enshrouds the passage across the river Styx.  Both sun and moon glow with fire at sunset and moonrise.  The two have become one.

Our world is burning, shrinking, puckering with drought and flowing with lava.  So too, are the artifices of a global cultural orientation that has outlived its purpose.  This full moon (10:03am EST, July 14) and total lunar eclipse (visible in the eastern hemisphere) finds the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.  As we all know, America’s chart is all about Pluto in the 2nd house – the house of money and physical possessions.  The crumbling of the structures of divisions and control (accelerating now through the adolescent use of force to get one’s way) will continue with quickening speed.  The smouldering denoument of this course is unavoidable, as the products of such mindless activities now infuse our food (gmo’s), air (fukushima fallout and CO2 pollution) and water (pharmaceuticals now flowing through our tap water).  The contamination is now thorough and uncontainable, just like those nuclear fuel rods.

On a full moon, of course, the Sun sits opposite the Moon and, here, Pluto.  Sun in Cancer in the 8th house.  The 8th house rules what we share with others at a more esoteric level: relationships, resources, partnerships.  It also rules the occult and sexuality which, in our current culture, are fraught with much secrecy and taboo.  Our deepest emotional selves (Moon) are being pushed and pulled by the Sun’s desire for those dark places of the 2nd/8th house axis to be given over to the light.  The plutonic forces at play, those of lies, deception and aggression as a means to an end, are being asked to join the Moon in the dance between internal knowing and the cleansing forces of daylight.  That Cancer Sun is requesting our recognition of the nurturant, life-directed forces of the Mother, who is bringing her presence to bear on the issues of the 2nd/ 8th house.

We also have here Uranus (in fiery Aries) square Pluto during this eclipse,  Uranus is underscoring the need for a burning, explosive time in order that the shrouds of deception (Pluto) be turned to ash.  Last time around we had a flood, this time it will be cleansing by fire.  There is much light to be found in the fire. This is, indeed, a purification process.  Those who have a more intimate relationship with nature and a knowledge of science know that sunlight is actually a very powerful and natural disinfectant.  Hanging one’s clothes out to dry in the sun provides a non-chemical and free way to sterilize our clothing and sheets.  A lovely lesson from the Mother in showing us how, very simply and at a micro-level, to stop supporting the Big Pharma/Military/Financial waste -generating dumpsters by not buying all of those ridiculous anti-this/that/and the other thing, soaps packaged in plastics that go into our oceans.  Line-dried sheets also smell good and the physical activity of hanging the items that wrap our bodies in protection is meditative and binds us to the wind and earth around us.  That is what a Cancer Sun (warm and nurturant) is lending her hand for us to do to counter the heavy, secretive Pluto in cold Capricorn.

Moon in Cancer as part of our Cardinal Cross years means that The Divine Feminine is rising on our world and, if we lose our fears of her guidance, beauty will, indeed, follow.  It is in the simple and quiet that we will find restoration.  Ride through the quakes and volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns and drones dropping their fecal matter all over other people’s property and prepare for the long silence that will ensue.  She will be there, walking toward us all through the smoke we’ve spread across our lands.

This epoch is really not that hard.  Those in power who wish to maintain control of the status quo have created many, many complicated backroom deals and uttered smiling lies because they want us to think it is far too complicated for us to change.  It’s not.  The only thing we need to do when we find ourselves being dragged around on a rope by a monster truck out of control is:  Let go of the rope.

All we need is to imagine what we would like to have our children’s futures look like.  Once one chooses the foundational paradigm (which is ultimately the spirit, the Feminine) from which we want to create our lives,  the building of the structural elements (the physical, Masculine) to support the infusion of those moral and ethical principles will flow easily.  America’s plutonic Capricorn (masculine run amok) has simply been hammering, bulldozing and building with no rational, spiritual framework now for centuries.  Without the Divine Feminine to guide and then imbue those rooms with meaning, the system collapses.  Which it is doing.  As it must.  The best hope is that this will be a direct and clean sweep.

So, which picture will it be after the Fall?  Which picture would you like to imagine your great, great grandchildren in?


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    Thank you.

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