Cleaning Up After The Storms

The meeting places of nature and humanity

It appears the metaphor I used for the celestial events I wrote of in my last post was far more prescient than I knew at the time.  This has nothing to do with personal possession of unique gifts of prophecy, but, speaks, rather, to the universal power of observation and rational intuition we all have, however deeply buried and obscured those abilities may have become.  The trick is in apprehending the more metaphysical, foundational framework upon which the mundane details will, in due course, play themselves out.   Those foundational elements are there for everyone to see – comprehending their import, however, is the provence of those who refuse the distractions of vanity, greed and forced conformity that are now being heaped upon the plates of americans at an ever-quickening speed.  Yes, western culture has concocted an alluring buffet of sweets full of dreams laced with large doses of modified corn syrup, which only serve to distract the consumer’s attention from that which lies, and always has lain, within.  What lies within is the eternal, which no religious structure, no government entity, nor any dysfunctional parent can touch with a profane and unclean heart.  It is the naked, vulnerable part of us that always comes clean in the rain.

Cultural constructs have always come and gone;  the rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of our planet and her greater mother, the Cosmos, however, abide.  We have a choice as to which resonances and harmonics we attune ourselves:  will it be the hammered crosses placed upon institutions which are so easily knocked down by high winds, or the enduring meaning and spirituality found in feeling the eternal rise and fall of our bodies in response to air, breath and pleasure, season after season, lifetime after lifetime?

All flora and fauna on this planet have lived through the continual changing of the seasons for millions of years.  Every Spring comes and goes.  Some are wet, some are dry, some are made of days of continual soft rain and some bring thunderous announcements of sudden change.  The earth’s being, and our experience within her embrace, waxes and wanes, takes shape and form in memories of these ebbs and flows accumulated over a lifetime or millennia, whichever perspective one wishes to use.  These variations in cycles are the stuff of our traditions, of our storytelling at the hearth, of our sorrows and triumphs;  they form the singular and unique narrative of us that others will speak out loud as they lay us in our grave.

The uniqueness of this particular Spring, from a metaphysical standpoint, can be found in the particular planetary alignments at play as the season progressed.  With so many of the larger planets ingressing into new signs within such a short period of time, serious turbulence caused by powerful up- and down-drafts was the only esoteric and material weather forecast that could have  been made.  Anything but serious, volatile weather would have been an unusual forecast.  These ingresses have now come to a close for the moment, just as thunderstorms unleash their fury upon us and then move on.  We all know the vibrancy of the earth and air after such events and the calm that descends after the storm.

Now it is time to assess the damage, clean up and restore ourselves to a new environment.  No, it’s not about placing our favorite things back where they were and resuming our activities around an outdated structure.  That would be missing the entire point of the message just delivered.  Mercury retrograde for most of this past month was our indicator that this personal planet had a significant role to play as the mighty Titans engaged in their dancing overhead.  This was not a polite waltz they engaged in – this was a full on,  three-dimensional capoiera event full of sweat, loud laughter and half-naked bodies.   The tables have been turned over, the crockery cracked, people have been injured in the play and many of the roof tiles are missing.  There is no good or bad here, just the fact of what has been and what is now.

Mercury retrograde, as most know, allows us the opportunity to slow the momentum of forward motion and reflect on our lives, particularly the period of time between this and the last Mercury retrograde.  There is a profoundly rational reason why those retrogrades occur approximately four times a year.  That rationale belongs to the realm of the open wave form intelligence system, not the limited, linear thought system that determines our current, myopic ideas of reality.  It is right and correct that, for every three month period of time we move forward in our explorations of life, there is a built-in, three-week period of time to reflect upon the knowledge gleaned from that forward motion.  That is the purpose of Mercury’s cyclical retrograde – to balance moving inertia with its still inertia.  She has much to tell us as she retraces her steps through the houses and the other planets she agilely traverses in her winged shoes.

In the lull after these storms, it would be well worth reviewing the month of April, beginning March 30 and ending April 23, when she was retrograde.  This kind of transiting period can only be understood in relationship to the individual natal chart if one wants to learn its lessons and is well worth the effort of discovery.  This remains true particularly as the Pluto/Saturn opposition and its on-going squares with other planets, both epochal and mundane, will continue with us well into the future.  Sweeping changes and revelations of hidden secrets are on the planetary and personal agenda for some time to come.

.For the moment, I find it useful to remember the smell of negative (healthy) ions in the air after a storm, as well as the brilliance of the landscape after it has been washed clean by the heavens.  A pre-dawn, celestial version of a rainbow will also occur on the mornings of both April 30 and May 1 and I suggest rising early to witness the event.  Six planets – Jupiter, Mars (conjunct), Venus, Mercury (conjunct), the Moon and Uranus (7° conjunct), all in Aries – will be lined up in a row in the sky, followed shortly thereafter by the rising Taurean Sun (click on the image to enlarge).  For those who live in urban areas, a drive into the country will be well worth the effort.  The potentials here are wide and variable and will run the gamut here from possibly aggressive and exuberant events (Jupiter/Mars – another capoeira-style gathering) to intimate, sensuous exchanges (Venus bookended by conjunctions to  both Mercury and Moon). Uranus leading the way in this super stellium conflagration of planets will certainly lend a potentially explosive/enlightening event.

One of the activities we used to do when I was a professional actor was to stage what were called Perfect People Parties.  One had to dress as their perfect person, bring that perfect person’s perfect food and have that perfect person’s motivation to be at the party.  It is an exercise to assist actor’s in maintaining a character for extending periods of time and engaging in improv.  I suggest the reader try a Perfect Planet Party here and play with each planet’s individual meaning, it’s motivations and their relationships to each other in order to begin to take this beautiful symbolic and astronomical language into their own hands.  What food would your Perfect Venus In Aries Conjunct Mercury And Moon bring?  What exactly would s/he want to get out of being there.  Try all of the combinations:  Uranus Conjunct Moon?  This is quite a lineup within the sign of self-involved, young Aries, whom you should consider the host here.  What location, decorations and/or theme would an Aries have for such a party?  Cultivate your creative minds and lighten up your load with your celestial friends and acquaintances.  It has been a rough and deadly season and now is a time to play a bit in the puddles Aries types love to splash in.

There will also be other beautiful displays of early morning planet gatherings throughout the week and I suggest tuning in to Sky and Telescope for views of these upcoming proceedings.


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