Uranus Rising: Of Tsunamis and Nuclear Explosions

The Great Awakener Surfaces

There could be no more event as appropriate for expressing the tumultuous awakening powers of Uranus than the 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Japan on the very day that Uranus surfaced from her 7-year sojourn through the submarine sign of Pisces and ascended into the fiery heavens of Aries (8:49pm March 11, 2011).

This celestial harbinger of enlightenment, disruption and the vigorous breaking up of the order of things hit her mark on the stage right on cue – within 24 hours of her transition from the watery underworld to the bright light of day.  Japan’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami and possible meltdown of a nuclear reactor originated in the unconscious depths of the oceans, travelled up through the conductive medium of water, and made herself known in open air.  This is the perfect metaphor for Uranus Rising and exactly the kind of roiling surface between our collective conscious and unconscious self of which I spoke in my previous two entries (Fasten Your Seat Belts and Secure Your Diving Belt).  This impact will ripple across the surface of our minds for a long time to come, even as the earthquake itself has set off a vibration within the core of our planet equivalent to that of a ringing bell, which will resound into our future.  We should imagine a brass tibetan singing bowl, having just been cleanly struck by our cosmic meditator.  This event represents the arrival of Uranus in our consciousness and provides a full spectrum of the kinesthetic enlighenment that Uranus bestows in her wake.  As astrological aspects already indicated, this Spring is destined to be unusually active with transitions and more unpredictable bellweathers forecast.

Our popular media will now focus on all of the horrendous terror and disaster stories generated by the shaking and quaking of this most recent terrestrial event.  Our gathering together in witness and support of human suffering is an important part of a healing process.  However, if we want to understand what is going on here, it is worth stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.  If we distance ourselves from the drama/trauma stories the popular media will now pump up for consumption at the tube trough, we may steady ourselves more quickly.  The view of the forest is perfectly clear from a different vantage point.

Oil spill as viewed from space

Statistically, these ground breaking events  were no more numerous than in any other year.  However, their magnitudes were and continue to be, with Japan’s most tectonic incident the highest ever recorded on the Richter scale.  Along with the Chilean Mine disaster (August, 2010) and the earthquake in New Zealand this year (February 21), what is popping up through the subterranean depths is the increasing impact of these events on humanity.  They are “devastating” and important only from the homo sapien-centric version of reality.  Gaia can bury us, toxify us and throw our boats and autos around like toys.  And she is.  Rightfully so.

This recent disaster was a most definitely obvious event when viewed from the longer term perspective.  Mother Earth has, in fact, been awakening from her sleep for over a year.  Let’s look at the chain of related incidences that ran through the build up to the Cardinal Cross of 2010 and continuing into 2011.  January 12, 2010:  Haiti Earthquake; February 27:  Chile Earthquake: April 15: Eyjafjallajok Volcanic eruption;  April 20: BP Gulf Oil explosion (yes, human made, yet caused by disconnected businessmen playing god with mother nature  and creating their own seismic events – she’s still leaking from this wound).

Because we have insisted, and continue, to use and abuse her body for capital gain, like a pimp selling the services of a whore for his own profit, Gaia has only one of two choices at this critical point.  She can either die, physically and/or spiritually – as many abused women do – or she can stand up and boot the abusers out the door.  I’m placing my bets, based on the evidence I have observed (USGS world earthquake and volcano maps are useful), on the latter.  The batterers are now becoming the battered.  Our karmic debts are coming home to roost.  Gaia’s survival is not our concern – she’ll be fine.  Ours is of concern as, in point of fact, her health (and her other charges – non-human flora and fauna) is far better off without us.


We all receive our wake up calls in life.  And, of course, when we choose to ignore the more polite knockings on the door, our spiritual assistants have to resort to stronger means.  On a personal level, this can be as mild as the broken glass in the hand, the lost wallet or a blown out tire on the highway.  If we simply sit and stare at the rubber on the road, we miss the very clear trajectory of a series of communications that could lead us onto higher ground.  Often our myopia leads us into the full flowering of the job firing or the partner who surreptitiously cleans out the bank accounts and leaves us with nothing but the echoes of a final and slamming door.  Such is the work of Uranus when his gyrating tasmanian devil self is ignored for far too long.  If several nuclear meltdowns on a small though influential and overly-populated island is what we need to wake up to the disaster we have wrought with our own hands, so be it.

Uranus’ work can be observed not only in our plate tectonics, but also in the  falling of the plaster from the facades of the structures we have created and within which we imprison ourselves.  Though often engineered by unseen masters to whom we give blind obeisance, we, ourselves, have placed the bricks and mortars ourselves.  We become our own guards at our own gates.  Uranus’ job is to blow that all away.  Nothing personal, it’s just its job.  The positive in all this is that when the dust has settled and cleared, we are afforded the opportunity to rebuild ourselves in a fashion that is far closer to our own image than we had dreamed of.  That is, if we don’t sit down on the pile of rubble and wallow in our woes.

Where we are now, with our failing economy and lack of certainty in an increasingly environmentally, politically and socially chaotic world is the beginning of a final sweep toward reckoning.   If we look at Uranus’ trajectory, it will reach its full planetary square with Pluto (secrets, manipulations and lies), on June 24, 2012.  Global unrest and wrestling regarding control of resources and power (Pluto) is what is at stake.  Uranus in mars-ruled Aries will make the points on these struggles that much sharper and its fiery element is likely to heat up and scorch a great deal of territory (physically and spiritually). This is as it should be. Transiting Uranus will square the U.S.’ natal Pluto (2nd house money/possessions or resources/power) exactly in June of 2017.  Time to dig in, as this longer transition will remain active and tumultuous.  Uranus will square Pluto in the U.S. chart late in Aries and will, a year later, bring its transformative powers to the sign of Taurus, where its work will be found sowing new seeds into a fecund earth.  Fire (Aries) allows for the clearing of old timbers as well as for providing nutrients to soil which will become fertile (Taurus) once again.

Conflict and confrontation (Mars/Aries) as the instruments of uncoverings and discoveries will be the norm.  This will be true both in the geological realm as well as in the human relational realm (which encompasses intra-, inter- and transpersonal arenas).  The tension between Uranus and Pluto on a global scale will grow and reach its climax in the Summer of 2012 and we would do well to take into serious consideration the signs and events that will continue to strengthen over this next year and a quarter.

Preparation will count for everything.  Stay local. Mobility (rising oil prices) and household commodities (inflation) will become restricted.  That immobility will be further enhanced by fascistically-inspired lock downs on our freedoms as governments try to control their populations.  Adaptability is key.  Plant your feet and your garden, get to know the secrets mother nature has for you (wild-harvesting and vision questing) and roll up your sleeves with your neighbors.  It’s really not that hard unless you have failed to practice it.  Do that now.

Those who have staked their sense of self-worth on external possessions and imagery will suffer greatly, as those superficial things either will erode slowly into nothingness or, for some, will be cleanly and suddenly removed.  Uranus’ activity can rip the clothes off of us like a hurricane force wind, so be ready to regard yourself naked.  Those who have spent their time decoupling their internal and eternal sense of self from material things will do much better throughout this process.  Abundance needs to, and will, be re-defined through this transition and not in the conventional and new age sense of attracting paper money or large houses to ourselves.  Those were always vacuous aspirations and the poverty of such wishes is what will be peeled away over this next period of time.

Cultivating an enthusiasm for change is a useful activity for times such as these.  Each season leads into another, and another and another . . . as cyclical time has always done, with or without us.  Working together in a new and more grounded spirit, with a distinctively less selfish and self-absorbed attitude will help to ensure that the rhythms of the earth mother will be conducted with us still in the audience.


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  1. #1 by rob purday on March 14, 2011 - 7:45 PM

    great analysis and expression Sister – I very much appreciate your grounded vision and straight talk – well, I wonder how many amongst the ‘power base’ are pedalling in reverse as fast as their little legs will go right now – out of their hands? – certainly makes them look less smug – meanwhile, there is work to be done and I’m grateful for you doing some of yours here – R

  2. #2 by sistertongue on March 15, 2011 - 6:51 PM

    Thanks, Rob. I like the pedaling in reverse metaphor. I have had, for a long time a similar image – the titanic about to hit that iceberg and full stop and then full reverse required at this time . . . We either do it ourselves or, well, that hull is going to be ripped open for us. I appreciate your support for the straight talk. I am hoping this site can serve, as so many others also do, for gathering those who “get it” and contributing to a larger, supportive network. -A

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