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Uranus Rising: Of Tsunamis and Nuclear Explosions

The Great Awakener Surfaces

There could be no more event as appropriate for expressing the tumultuous awakening powers of Uranus than the 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Japan on the very day that Uranus surfaced from her 7-year sojourn through the submarine sign of Pisces and ascended into the fiery heavens of Aries (8:49pm March 11, 2011).

This celestial harbinger of enlightenment, disruption and the vigorous breaking up of the order of things hit her mark on the stage right on cue – within 24 hours of her transition from the watery underworld to the bright light of day.  Japan’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami and possible meltdown of a nuclear reactor originated in the unconscious depths of the oceans, travelled up through the conductive medium of water, and made herself known in open air.  This is the perfect metaphor for Uranus Rising and exactly the kind of roiling surface between our collective conscious and unconscious self of which I spoke in my previous two entries (Fasten Your Seat Belts and Secure Your Diving Belt).  This impact will ripple across the surface of our minds for a long time to come, even as the earthquake itself has set off a vibration within the core of our planet equivalent to that of a ringing bell, which will resound into our future.  We should imagine a brass tibetan singing bowl, having just been cleanly struck by our cosmic meditator.  This event represents the arrival of Uranus in our consciousness and provides a full spectrum of the kinesthetic enlighenment that Uranus bestows in her wake.  As astrological aspects already indicated, this Spring is destined to be unusually active with transitions and more unpredictable bellweathers forecast.

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