Fasten Your Seatbelts: Jupiter Ascending

Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day, Chinese New Year, Ground Hog Day.  All of these are the different cultural traditions which mark our half-way point between our Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox.

This Swing into Spring is all about switching gears in very significant ways and it is helpful to remember we have now moved into the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Tradition.  Rabbit represents the Moon, which is the yin of Heaven. Moon also rules the core of our internal self and our emotional life so we have an opportunity to channel through us these deeply felt, though ungraspable, elements into the world this year.  Rabbit influences the nervous system and we can key into calming this aspect of ourselves so we can contact our higher feeling states as we move forward.

This is a fitting coincidence when placed in relationship to the celestial transitions taking place overhead as we pass through the end of one year and into the new.  Elemental transitions of major planets abound throughout this season and one should watch for the changes in how our core themes will be filtered through different  lenses.

First up in the change of costume are Jupiter and Uranus, who began a relationship together in Pisces (Uranus has been there since 2003 and Jupiter danced onto that aquatic stage in January, 2010).  They came into their period of intimate contact (I am using an 8° orb for these planets) in April, culminating in their exact conjunction in early June.  This set up their influence as powerful partners in the Cardinal Cross last July 26.  Remember the events then: Wikileaks’ first publication and the Love Parade?  Remember the players?  Pluto (secrets) in Capricorn (structures – particularly political and legal), Saturn (the planet of a good swift kick in the pants) in Libra (relationships) given an extra send up by our Jupiter (fortune)/Uranus (firework rebelliousness) duo.  Our pair’s influence took place at the oceanic levels of consciousness and our last 9 months have been about bringing the treasures found in that deep to the surface.  Like divers popping up suddenly from a cousteau-like exploration, they are surfacing with energy and direction.

Jupiter entered Aries on January 27th, exactly coinciding with the uprising against the oppressive Mubarak regime.  This is no less than Zeus (Wotan and Thor) bursting through the surface of  our collective unconscious into action, manifesting the lessons learned from last summer onto the physical plane.  We are looking at the first evidence of the expansion of consciousness, truth, wisdom and aspirations (the higher order of Jupiter) as the energies of this planet find their focus through the fire and passion of Aries (new beginnings).

Uranus (the cosmic bringer of The Wake Up call) will follow suit into Aries (the warrior mars) on March 11.  Thus, the title of this entry.  Uranus can bring chaos and confusion in its wake and Jupiter, when out of balance, can send us all overboard. Generous Jupiter can easily become the irresponsible gambler, or the vicious fanatic.  Given its entrance into the youthful, self-interested sign of Aries, the danger for this at this time is high, particularly since Uranus (negative aspect is an adolescent rebelliousness for its own sake) is its heavenly playmate.  Attention to the possibility of taking things too far, both personally and globally, needs to be the number one priority.  Be prepared to shift the gears way down if you see any hint of this on the road you are traveling. The planets themselves, Jupiter in Aries and Uranus shortly to follow, are themselves driving us forward at an energetic pace and our job is to resist pushing our own foot down on the accelerator.

Seek counsel with the Rabbit, pause under the light of the moon and reflect on the most wise, mature way that the Heavenly yin can be expressed.

On an individual level, those born in the signs of Pisces and Aries, as well as those with significant placements of planets in these signs, may want to seek consultation on how these significant transitions may affect them personally.

Next up is the transition of Neptune and Chiron from Aquarius into Pisces as the season progresses.  We have a season of fire (Aries/Jupiter/Neptune) coupled with a large expanse of water (Pisces/Neptune) opening up.  That’s going to be making lots of steam. We’ll look at our water elementals in the next entry.


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