Seeing with the Third Eye

The Celestial Third Eye

Tonight is the New Moon in Capricorn with a partial solar eclipse.  This is a magnitude of energy that is quite remarkable.  Though in North America, we will not be able to view it, we will very much feel its influence, as we have during its approach throughout the month of December.

In traditional astrology, a solar eclipse was viewed with dread – accompanied as it is with a strange, almost twilight effect during broad daylight.  It foretold of bad omens and monumental change.  That is, in fact, one interpretation of such an event and, indeed, such changes have occurred throughout history during the aftermath of an eclipse.

The darkening of our source of light is an odd experience to behold and can fill the heart with a foreboding not normally experienced during mundane life.  This is, indeed, a rare event and one should give pause, sit quietly, and allow the occult (hidden) thoughts and emotions that come with it wash over the mind and body.
With the Sun, Moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in the first house this night, and the Sun transiting opposite its natal position, emphasis is placed on ground-shaking revelations regarding our relationship to power, money and secrets with this eclipse.  The influence of an eclipse reverberates until a proceeding eclipse, which brings a different stabilizing and integrating influence on the present one.  Disruptions and limitations in the U.S. self-concept are likely to occur, particularly since we moved into our Saturn Return December 3, 2010.  The transiting, eclipted Sun squares Saturn in the tenth house, placing our self-image and international position in the proverbial frying pan.

Saturn Returns require reflection on the past and here, most specifically to the past 29 years of our history-making as a nation.   That magnifying glass on our behaviors and policy-making during that time frame isn’t really too attractive on a global scale and all of those behavioral and philosophical patterns will, indeed, be raising their ugly heads at this time.  Karma always wins and americans are no exception to this universal, spiritual rule.  As a citizen/participant in our nation, we must each individually reflect on how we have or have not supported our culture’s increasingly hegemonic attitude in the world at large.

Eclipses are very much about shaking things up and we may find our structures changing rapidly, whether they be the physical (Capricorn) or the spiritual and emotional.  Jupiter/Uranus (Pisces) conjunct and Neptune/Chiron conjunct (Aquarius) in a semi-sextile will greatly influence the transformation beginning with this eclipse.  In a very positive way.  Our internal (moon) and external (sun) worlds have the chance to meet and interact with each other during this eclipse, as do our mental/communal (Aquarius) and emotional/spiritual (Pisces) aspects. We have an opportunity here to personally allow rapid insight and connection with humanity and its shared sufferings to settle within us at a very deep, non-verbal level and to allow that connection to move us forward into remarkable efforts with regard to healing the mother planet wound and our own individual ones as well.  The core exercise here is to think of the larger community of which we are a part (Aquarius) and to feel into our common struggles and confusions in expressing our humanity (Pisces).  The eclipse in Capricorn offers us the opportunity to find our union with the earth and each other at a visceral, body level – the very stuff from which new structures can arise.

The Third Eye

A different aspect of an eclipse is the fact that it allows us to see the emanations of the corona of our Sun far more clearly than we normally have the opportunity to.  As its burning face is obscured, we are given the rare chance to see the cosmic/spiritual rays of its light as they stream off of its surface and into the surrounding universe.  And this only because its pupil has been blotted out, thus allowing the striations and colors of its iris to be revealed.  Within the darkness, we can see more precisely and subtlely into our own light source.

In the Taoist chakra system, the solar plexus (our guts) and the third eye (our contact with the divine) are intimately linked.  Here, we can make that connection, bringing in visualizations of Jupiter (good fortune and beneficence) and Uranus (the mover and shaker) into relationship within these chakras. Neptune and Chiron will also bring our hearts into play as the heart is the bridge our guts need to cross in order for the kundalini to channel through into the higher mind of the third eye.

Citrine is a gem stone used to open communication between these two areas of our lives – to allow the energy of  the higher mind located in the third eye to descend through and activate the heart, which can then release its energies further downward to influence the physical actions of the solar plexus in the world.  Citrine’s color is yellow (to deep amber) and it is also known as a bringer of abundance.  In our material world, we often associate abundance with money, though here it should be interpreted with the far more expansive meaning of a bright and open third eye and the full belly of a laughing buddha.

We are asked at this time to reflect on what we already possess within ourselves and what we have to share with each other within and through the ethers of our common universe.


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