Harvesting the Full Moon

The Sun enters Libra at 9:09pm  the evening of September 22 and the Harvest Full Moon in Aries reaches her fullness in the early morning hours of September 23.

Aries is the great initiator, bringing with it new life and light during the Spring.  Here, we find its presence lending its driving energies toward new growth even as we harvest the fruits of our summer labors during this Fall Equinox.  Remember the rituals you performed during the New Moon earlier this month (see previous entry “Easing up on that T-Square) and allow those confirmations and commitments to seed themselves in your material world.  The physical germination of those internal meditations made a fortnight ago is beginning.  Ensure that you water them well through these dark months and wait patiently while they gestate in the deep winter earth.  The New Moons through the coming months are times to bring those seeds to awareness and nurture them along spiritually.  Watch their sprouts emerge when the sun enters Aries again next Spring.

This Full Moon also brings a T-square with the Sun, Moon and Pluto.  It’s all about relationships.  The Sun has moved into Libra, the sign that thrives on romantic partnerships.  The Moon is in Aries, the sign of expressing the independent me.  The Moon is conjunct Uranus/Jupiter and we may find deep and radical changes going on in the sphere of relationships and our sense of identity within them.  Both Uranus and Jupiter are retrograde, and retrograde planets usually indicate an internal focus, which is enhanced by the presence of the Moon here.

Both Uranus and Jupiter are in Pisces and we will find the potential for radical change filtered through the lens of the fish’s needs for beauty and spirituality.  Deep awakenings in these areas may ensue with this alignment.  Neptune and Chiron conjunct in a semi-sextile to the Moon/Uranus/Jupiter conjunct underscore a need for dissolution into the greater emotional/spritual depths of our beings – and that descent means a meeting with our hidden wounds and painful experiences (Chiron).  This dive, however, also represents a potential cleansing and healing of those old hurtful places in sacred waters if we are willing to do our soundings with awareness and self-love.  Out of those depths we may find ourselves merging with our higher minds (Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius) and a fresh ability to engage in community and creativity with an expanded sense of our shared humanity with others.  Acknowledging our individual woundedness allows us to dispense with our need for specialness and the realization that we all share hidden pain and longing for healing.

Anchoring the T-square is, of course, Pluto, firmly rooted in Capricorn.  This placement comes with the assignment of digging down and exploring our hidden secrets regarding the foundations and structures of our lives from which we have previously operated.  Pluto will be influencing these domains in Capricorn until 2024 and our structural changes will take place over an extended period of time.  Right now, however, is a time to examine our core beliefs and frameworks from which we have conducted our relationships and change them.  They will change, that is a given.  Our only choice in the matter is whether we will exercise our own intitative in opening and stepping through the doors and rooms which we have been afraid to enter, or whether Pluto will push us through of her own accord.

So, grab your own flashlight and become the archeologist of your own soul.  That darkness is full of rich longings and treasures for discovery if we summon the courage to face our own inner fears.

The wheat that you harvest is that which you have sown and grown by your own hand.


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