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Harvesting the Full Moon

The Sun enters Libra at 9:09pm  the evening of September 22 and the Harvest Full Moon in Aries reaches her fullness in the early morning hours of September 23.

Aries is the great initiator, bringing with it new life and light during the Spring.  Here, we find its presence lending its driving energies toward new growth even as we harvest the fruits of our summer labors during this Fall Equinox.  Remember the rituals you performed during the New Moon earlier this month (see previous entry “Easing up on that T-Square) and allow those confirmations and commitments to seed themselves in your material world.  The physical germination of those internal meditations made a fortnight ago is beginning.  Ensure that you water them well through these dark months and wait patiently while they gestate in the deep winter earth.  The New Moons through the coming months are times to bring those seeds to awareness and nurture them along spiritually.  Watch their sprouts emerge when the sun enters Aries again next Spring.

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A New View of Saturn

Photo of Saturn from Cassini Space Probe

I came across this stunning shot of Saturn while researching astronomy sites.  Its rings of course, give Saturn the reputation of being limiting, confining and binding in traditional astrological terms.  However, new findings show that Saturn actually has “rays” that emanate through and run perpendicular to its rings, thus giving rise to a new idea that there are ways to skillfully traverse the boundaries we usually associate with this planet.  These rays are transient and are thought to be formed from ice crystals and appear and dissipate at various times.  Physically, these rays act like bridges between the rings; metaphorically, they give us the opportunity to contemplate movement from one “boundary” to another in our own lives with acquired skill.  As we make our way from one horizon to another, there are, indeed, built-in mechanisms designed to assist us on our path.

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