Easing Up on that T-Square

Saturn moves into 4° Libra today, breaking up the direct opposition to the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, thus easing the tension and concomitant exhaustion that comes from such an intense relationship.  Uranus has also moved back into Pisces (which occurred August 13), and the beauty-seeking, dreaminess of that water sign is softening the sharp edges of this planet.  Uranus will remain in retrograde in Pisces until December 5th, when it turns direct.  It will remain in Pisces until its final exit next March 11 and on into a longer stay in energetic Aries.  These next 7 months are a  useful time to review the past 7 years of Uranus’ journey through Pisces – look for where this planet has exerted its influence in your natal chart during that time and dive deep to glean the meanings of the external events and internal transformations that have taken place for you.

The t-square continues to loosen its tight grip as September progresses, freeing itself more fully after mid-month.  Pluto will square again with the big giants as this season unfolds, but the big square is fading. Late August and early September are times to take it easy on ourselves and others as the configuration of late July begins to dissipate.  Mercury remains retrograde in Virgo until September 12, and any initiations of new plans should be placed on hold until after that time.  Pluto then follows out of retrograde, stationing direct on the 13th and moving forward from there. A long, deep exhale. Consider yourself to be in recovery from a major planetary event which touched into the core of self-identity, values and relationships.  That’s big.  Very big, and these next few weeks would be best used as a time to reflect on those subjects and undertake personally creative endeavors to reveal and further the transitions in those arenas of life.

The new moon in Virgo of September 8th is an excellent time to bring the future manifestation of thought forms into play.  In my last post, I discussed the metaphysical meanings of the carpenter’s and architects tool’s – the compass and the square.  On this new moon, pull out those instruments and a clean sheet of paper.  Create the new structure you want, born of the flashpoint of the July t-square.  Create a collage or mandala centering on those core changes and visioning them into being.  Write down your personal code of ethics for your future spiritual path.  Be prepared to abide by them as that future unfolds.  This is the time to reset our coordinates, laying the Virgo earth groundwork to bring those commitments to fruition. Seek and re-define in yourself what has been cosmically altered this summer.  September will open up the avenues to realize a new expressive resonance within.

Right at the moment,  it is time to hold steady, feed yourself well, take nice hot baths and enjoy the company of tried and true friends.  Lightening has just metaphorically struck and it is necessary to readjust to that light. People who have known you for a long time and have walked the path with you as trusted advisors would be good contacts to nurture and/or renew right now.


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  1. #1 by Philip on September 28, 2010 - 7:30 PM

    Do you have any thoughts on all the ingress energy, especially since Chiron and Neptune are also retrograde back into Aquarius before making the final push into Pisces? I constantly remind my clients that retrograde energy is about “review, rest, reorganization, and relaxation.” Mercury gets a bad rap because we, individually and as a society, will not take the down time cycle and embrace it. Instead, we keep trying to move forward at a break neck pace, and then act surprised when we “break our neck” or wreck our car or fry our computer or get a cold during Mercury retrograde. We need to “get inside” and clean house, find the stuff that needs to go into our spiritual yard sale … and if it doesn’t sell, give it to universal good will and let it go!

    Also, thought I would share Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book with you; she gives practical advice on how to make New Moon wishes. Very simple, practical, and powerful magic if you have not run across it. Wishes should align with the energy of the New Moon; this past one would involve wishes about health, service to others, and work (day to day and not career). Good stuff and very testable :-).



    • #2 by sistertongue on September 29, 2010 - 3:10 PM

      I also hold to the retrograde energies as a time to review and reorganize. Retrogrades are deeply subjective and internal, as are new moons. Neptune entered Aquarius late November, 1998 and has been moving through the mental/creative/community/independence energies of Aquarius since then. Neptune rules our deeply emotional and spiritual sides, as well as the water elemental, which serves to softly dissolve structure at the mental level (Aquarius). We are currently in the final retrograde motion of Neptune in Aquarius (which is now, and has been, “celestially married” to Chiron since 2007), and our opportunity here is to review the gentle tides that have changed in how we think about our subjective relationship to Higher Mind over the past 12 years. With Chiron in the mix, it is an opportune period of time to dive deeply into the personal wounding of our own lives and examine how those emotional traumas have affected the way we mentally construct our world. It is a period of healing those wounds so that we can fully participate in that Higher Mind without the lens of our own personal afflictions distorting our view of reality. Here, this is where we can explore our version of reality versus truth. Of course, how these aspects affect any individual client requires a personal session, but as a society as a whole, this is a perfect opportunity to review our internal, emotional world and how we have constructed an external, mental reality from it. Time to heal our collective wounds so we can engage in Higher Mind, rather than reacting from a lower brain.

      Neptune goes direct November 7, 2010 and enters Pisces on April 4, 2011

      With regard to Mercury, it has become subject to the rapid-fire pace of the speeding-bullet society we have created, full of fears of external threats (terrorism) and a plethora of nano-second communication devices whose purposes are more about trying to stay ahead of our anxieties and fears than “efficiency.” Efficiency is just the narrative drug we’ve been handed to support a societal flight from quietude and contemplation, which is the only way integrated personalities and nations can be built. Mercury’s true role is to bridge the space between the divine and the material, to serve as messenger between these two realms. We cannot hear the whisperings from the divine if we are constantly running with earphones plugged into our ears. Direct or retrograde, Mercury is having a very difficult time trying to fulfill her true spiritual purpose here. So, okay, the “Puck” of the zodiacal world engineers breakdowns and fry-ups to get us to stop. Clever little fellow.

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