Dancing with Dissonance: Cosmic Transitions

Approaching this entry has been very similar to trying to approach the changes that are descending upon humanity on a global scale.  In the midst of devastating floods, mudslides and choking wildfires wrought by nature, as well as the continuing catastrophe of the deliberate impoverishment of billions of people through the financial, military and governmental structures fashioned from the sociopathic minds of the few who dub themselves “the elite,” it is, indeed, a challenge to maintain an internal sense of equipoise.  It is, indeed, difficult to construct a rational narrative out of the dissonance and chaos that imbues our micro- and macrocosmic lives.  Our mind-boggling, complicated state of affairs can lead to confusion, hopelessness, helplessness and paralysis.  The rapid unfolding of events since the tight Saturn/Pluto/Uranus-Jupiter t-square of July 26th is a true testament to the on-going dialogue of change our heavenly bodies are undertaking at their  dinner party above us.

These squares, meeting and parting and meeting again during various times throughout this unfolding process, are serving to create a very important dissonance manifesting in our material world.  We must understand that that dissonance is vital to our growth.  In order to find a state of equilibrium within as the celestial party gets a bit raucus, it will be necessary to give up  the conventional forms of “rational” discourse and storytelling into which we have been educated and continue to be entrained by a media whose purpose is to obfuscate, rather than illuminate, the truth.  Those who can cultivate their right brain functions, heretofore deliberately stunted by our cultural system, and surrender into the underlying resonant harmonic that is playing below the surface of words and chatterings and “explanations” for all of this, may eventually find themselves able to apprehend the celestial language being spoken.  Those who are able to appreciate and integrate art and science, the spiritual with the physical, will do well with the exercise being presented for our mastery and maturation.


This is a picture of a magnetic resonance image of a brain.  Having been in one of those crypt-like machines some time ago, I had developed a curiosity about the reason for all of the clicking noises that ensued during the long imaging process.  Years later, quite by fortuitous chance and circumstance, I became acquainted with the man who actually invented those machines.  He was the father of my soon-to-be brother-in-law and I met him at the dinner gathering the night before my sister’s wedding.  I asked this man about those noises in the machine.  He explained that when the magnets in the machine are lined up with each other, that is, resonating in the same magnetic field, they do not register the image.  It is only when the magnets rotate out of the original magnetic field that the image appears.  The clicking noises are the sounds generated when those magnetic alignments “snap” and “break” as they fall out of phase into a dissonant relationship with each other and the clear picture emerges.

I was quite startled by his revelation as it seemed so counter-intuitive.  I had made the false assumption that the image would appear in focus when the magnets were lined up and in a harmonious relationship with each other, as occurs through the lense of a light-sensitive camera.   Not so, as my brother-in-law’s father informed me.  The tearing of magnetic fabric is what gives us clarity in this case.

Now, I personally consider that to be quite a bit of alchemical magic.  To take an invisible element (magnetism) and use it in such a way that it can render the once invisible visible is a feat worthy of a magi.  And here I do not mean simply the final result that gives us the ability to see what was once, by it’s very absence, not there.  The sense of wonder encompasses the entire process of that ultimate manifestation of science:  the very creativity that could imagine that magnets might render a useful picture of something – the inside of a human body -, as well as the fortitude to tinker and play with, and invent,  materials to manifest such a machine and the courage to believe in and carry out its birth.

I recalled my conversation with this man as I was contemplating the dance of the t-squares and crosses and oppositions our celestial bodies are making overhead.  There is music, there, in the heavenly spheres, though at the moment it may sound like our most personally despised genre.  Our planet, like the fields in the MRI, is falling out of resonance with the melodies that we have played for a very long time.  The physical manifestations of dissonance and destruction we are observing are the  sounds of the breaking and snapping of our prior harmonics.  The process is inevitable and, if we can get over our deeply limiting fears of plutonic destruction, we will find ourselves birthed into a world that has many new possibilities.  We all die.

Remember, these planets do not pay attention to our individual desires and needs.  They do their own thing, as they have for billions of years, despite whatever ant-like gymnastics we want to do as they travel in their own environment and affect our terrestrial world.  They also do not speak english.  They belong to a foreign land and we must learn to speak their language and learn their customs.

“Oh will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you . . . Won’t you join the dance?”

Lewis Carroll

original image of the yin/yang symbol

One of the ways to make relationship with the intangible elementals of planetary and galactic influences can be found in the way master students of taoist martial arts know how to move and respond to their partner within the arena of engagement.  Tai chi, ba gua, hsing-yi and kung fu are not mastered by viewing the other as an opponent;  they are mastered by taking in the other as an equal and honored partner in a larger pattern of dance.  That is, in fact, what the feminine (taoist and aikido) martial arts are:  a dance of energetics.  That dance, made up of the etheric element of chi (or prana), is eternal and unmoved by our presence.  The serious student understands that the goal is to learn to transform the physical being into the movement of that energy, in the same way one must match the speed of a merry-go-round if one is to successfully leap onto it.  The student learns to see and shapeshift into the larger energetic of the invisible.

When fully realized, those opportunities of involvement, whether martial or relational in nature, take on the sensuality and spirituality we all sense when we rid ourselves of ego and fall into the intimate moment of contact as an improvisational ballet. The power of letting go into that improvisation allows us to experience the fact that we do possess the ability to listen into the very quiet changes and transitions in our partner (whether friend, partner, boss, father, sister, etc.) and to exercise the adaptability and flexibility it takes to meet, harmonize with and transform with the other.  This power leads to a state of shared warriorship and mutual ecstasy.  We learn that our engagement with the whole of life allows us this ecstatic state of being.  This state feels like falling in love over and over again, though it is not with a singularity, but rather, with the simple fact of being alive at this place and time.

The true masters are the people who have learned to surrender to that whole of life like secret lovers do with each other.  They are never the ones who run around saying they’ve learned the secret to a happy life; they are the ones who quietly sit in the back of the audience or in the corner of the room.  They wear only the hint of that familiar smile of those reflecting on their private meetings with their beloved.  And, because that beloved is the invisible energy that flows through all things at all times, they understand they are in the presence of their beloved at all times.  This is why their eyes shine upon everything and their hearts are open to everyone.  They are truly, madly, deeply in love with it all.

If we learn to follow the seemingly incomprehensible steps of those celestial bodies, we will be able to move and turn gracefully with them as they take our hands and lead.  I always counsel new students of tai chi not to give up for at least six months after starting classes.  These arts require the student to shift from the mental and kinesthetic linear way of being western culture emphasizes and asks the individual to learn circular and multidimensional movement patterns.  And it does feel very much like those awkward first dances in elementary school, where we worry whether we will trip over our own toes or possibly leave sweaty palm prints on our partner’s dress.  The feminine martial arts demand that we let go of the limited, rational brain and begin to develop the bicameral mind and body.

Those who have undertaken travel to foreign lands with curiosity and a love of coming to understand another culture holistically (rather than the superficial, pre-packaged, shake and bake tourista tours) will do well as we transition into a new phase of spiritual, mental and emotional movement under the influence and direction of the stars and planets.  These “itinerant immigrants of space” can, and do, to those versed in their language of science and poetry, make known to us the vital elementals that are operating upon and within us even as we engage in our personal laboratories of the mundane.  Rather than stare down at the shoelaces binding our awkward feet as we learn knew steps, look up.  Take the hands that are extended, no matter how foreign the hue of the skin may be.  We have for so long been held within walls ruled by fists and strength that we have trouble recognizing the offering of a power and balance.

∞ ∞ ∞

a few tangential, though related thoughts

It is always humorous to me that the patriarchy of “rational” science is so blind to it’s own magical thinking, while turning it’s arthritic fingers at other sacred sciences and declaring them invalid and heretical, much like the catholic church burned and drowned those who possessed individual authority and spiritual practices deemed unacceptable to the holy father in those dark ages.  That church has made its own self ludicrous of late, declaring that ordaining women clergy is a sin, while supporting and condoning the pedophilic behaviors of its men.  One can already hear the rending of those blasphemous robes.  As this process of revelations moves on, the truth once held to the volume of whispers will increase its decibels and the sounds of the breaking of religious limitations will ensue.

Sir Isaac Newton (a capricorn) thought up the idea of gravity after a piece of fruit fell on his head.  Albert Einstein (a pisces) often had night dreams of his future theorems of quantum physics.  A college mate of mine, now a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, once awoke from sleep to find two people carrying on a conversation at the foot of her bed, startling her intensely.  These two people turned out to be actually hallucinated and fictional characters in a play she had not yet thought of writing.  Where and how chi manifests in form is, indeed, fascinating.

Astronomers assure us that we are constantly bombarded by invisible gamma rays and electromagnetic currents from the sun and that we are, at every moment, individually and collectively  penetrated by millions of neutrinos that pass through us as though we were not there.  Science and its advances have always been founded on asking the imaginal, “What if?” and playing the “let’s pretend” fantasy game of possibilities.  And yet, they ridiculously and childishly continue to discount the influences that our neighboring planets and other stellar bodies exert upon us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  Such conclusions are simply irrational and silly.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

“There is always music amongst the trees in the garden;

but we must be very quiet to hear it.”

Edna St. Vincent Millay

There is a quietude beneath the cacophony going on around us.  The dissonances we are taking in at all of our sense levels we must allow to sift down into our unconscious self, let it enter into dream time, and work upon us in their own language.  We are, in fact, moving out of a melodic phase within which we have functioned for centuries.  But, just because something rhymes does not mean it is necessarily good.

We are transitioning out of the 2500 year reign of the Age of Pisces.  It brought us quite remarkable spiritual thoughts which, over the millenia, unfortunately solidified into structures that, in the hands of men, have turned into prisons and battlefields of carnage and usury.  The current dissonance is serving to shatter the patriarchal stranglehold under which our justice institutions, familial arrangements, class, race and gender relationships, and the natural environment have suffered for centuries.    The dissonant harmonic of the planets and our world will increase until they meet their crescendo point, which we are fast approaching.  At that time, uncontrolled yang will revert to yin.

And, as with any singular movement in a symphony, it shall be followed by another.

©2010 Amelia A. Free



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  1. #1 by Morvah on August 18, 2010 - 3:21 PM

    Amelia, what a fascinating and beautiful cloth you have woven. ‘The Watcher’ led me here today and dried my tears with it .
    Thank you.

    • #2 by sistertongue on August 19, 2010 - 1:57 PM

      Thank you, Morvah. These transitions are tricky, particularly through the month of August and especially now as Mercury goes retrograde on the 20th. We all need to be nice and easy with ourselves and each other during these last dog days of Summer. Aspects will ease up in September, but right now we are tight, tight, tight. Perspective is everything and the discordant will open again into the more harmonious.

  2. #3 by afnaar on October 17, 2011 - 12:30 PM

    Thank you so much for resonating with what is happening now and sharing it. Everything is balance; homeostasis is ongoing, so nothing is balanced or unbalanced–it just is. Thank you again!

    • #4 by sistertongue on October 21, 2011 - 12:16 PM

      Thanks . . . always nice to know you are “out there”, too. a.

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