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The Love Parade: Pluto Arrives in the New Age Movement

The function of Pluto in any chart is to reveal the dark, unspoken elements that need to be brought to light in any person, situation or culture in order for growth and transformation to occur.  Pluto is the destroyer of all that does not fit an evolutionary plan.  It is also the generator of the new, having first cleared away the detritus of the old. With Pluto in Capricorn until 2023, a long period of destruction of form (Capricorn is an earth sign and is the builder of structures, both physical and institutional), begun in November 2008 when it entered this sign, is taking place.  Pluto is set to take down all that is no longer useful to these physical forms.  The process here will be slow (versus its’ placement in a fire sign, where Pluto’s action would be a trip through a high temperature furnace).  Think earthquakes and mudslides, think the bricks and mortar literally falling from the facades of buildings, think the inability of our soils to grow our food because of years of abuse and poisoning by corporate crop production (Monsanto and genetically modified seeds programmed to self-destruct). Read the rest of this entry »


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A Psychosocial Astrology for 2012: Understanding Process (Part 1)

As the process of “2012” unfolds, I am more and more frequently asked, by clients and friends alike: “What is going to happen?”  The truth is, no one really knows. Those who ask this particular question are the least likely prepared to undergo the profound challenges and shifts that this new phase of consciousness is delivering to our communal doorsteps. Those willing to hand out answers to such questions like sweetened cough syrup or medicinal candy are also the least likely to be able to provide the necessary assistance to the questioner in navigating the foreign terrain we are all traveling together at this time.  The breadth and depth of our personal relationship with the ego are the only limiting factors in determining the questions asked of and responses to any situation we encounter.

The question to ask is not “what” or “who” or “where,” but, rather,  “how.” Read the rest of this entry »

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