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Primordial Bones

artwork by Anthony Cianciolo; text by Sistertongue ©2010

These are the bones. The archeological text of us, from the first word to the last.

Just as the primordial, single-celled organisms emerged from the muddy depths to grasp motility and develop  a hunger for wider and wider horizons, so also does the human fetus begin its quest for sentience within the oceanic environment of  the mother womb. Only after endless divisions and multiplications of the fertilized egg at a microscopic level does a coherent structure of form and spirit begin to take shape . A neural tube appears, and, around it, flesh and eye spots, a beating heart. A reptilian tail and a spinal cord  congeal, the first hard evidence of our personal story.  A neoplasmic entity still, it cannot comprehend its final form.  It senses only it’s intimate relationship with all living things, not yet having realized itself as homo sapiens. It reaches out to discover its true identity and, by and by a brain,  appendages and facial features develop that become, over time, recognizable to us as one of our own. Read the rest of this entry »


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